2023 NBA Finals Game 1 Vs. 3 bold predictions for the summer

It’s NBA Finals time! The Denver Nuggets have the best chance in franchise history to win a championship against an eight-seed, but they won’t have it all their way against the Miami Heat.

The Heat have consistently played beyond their seeming abilities in these playoffs, knocking out many people’s championship pick in the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as their replacement in the Boston Celtics. The revered Heat culture appears to be making their mark, and they’ve got a well-deserved shot at the championship as a result.

But the Nuggets are the number one seed for a reason. Nikola Jokic confirmed himself as one of the best in the business and Jamal Murray looked every bit the elite offensive talent he’s long promised as they enter this series, and especially in Game 1. Very well placed, on their home turf. Here are three bold predictions for the Nuggets NBA Finals Game 1 vs. the Nuggets. Heat.

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3. Nikola Jokic is 30-13-13

After being dismissed for the third time in a row MVP Award by Joel EmbiidNikola Jokic has reestablished himself as a pre-eminent player in the eyes of the basketball world with an extraordinary playoff series to date. He is averaging ridiculous numbers in the post season — 29.9 points, 13.3 rebounds and 10.3 assists, to be exact — and is clearly the driving force behind Denver’s spectacular offense.

The Serbian sensation could hardly appear less intimidated by the bright lights of the NBA playoffs, and instead of wilting under the pressure, he simply realizes he needs to do more than he did in the regular season, and then do exactly that. From ridiculous step-back three-point heaves to over-the-head assists, he can do whatever he wants, and with the Nuggets attempting to dominate this series from the start, he’s expected to do exactly that. Expect

Jokic has broken these stats three times in the playoffs to date – 30-13-13. The first was a 30-17-17 effort in Game 3 against the Phoenix Suns, while the next two games were masterpieces of 34-21-14 in Game 1 and 30-14-13 in Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers. in two of his last four games and nearly three of his last six (he went 29-13-12 in Game 5 of the Suns’ series), and he should come off the blocks and fill up the statistics Needed Sheet – and do it efficiently, as always.

2. Denver Nuggets limit Miami Heat to less than ten threes

One of the most striking features of Miami’s playoff run has been their three-point shooting. Let’s be clear – this is not a good shooting team. At least, I don’t think it is. In the regular season he took a lot – tenth most in the league – but only hit out at 34.4% – fourth worst in the league. In the playoffs, they turned on their heads, becoming the best long-range shooting team in the league.

He’s hit 39.0% of his three-point attempts in the playoffs – the best of any team – and is hitting over 13 per game, and that number jumped to an incredible 43.4% in a seven-game win over the Boston Celtics. . … Sometimes, the stats are just shaky, and while the Heat like to keep things seemingly shaky, they’ll certainly be back on here.

Further adding to this idea is the fact that the Nuggets generally don’t miss a lot of threes – their 33.1 per game against them was the eighth lowest number in the league, and that has dropped to 28.9 in the playoffs, and certainly that season. K.’s opponents have hit just over 34% of them. Compared to the Nuggets’ size, the Heat will be hard-pressed to look good, and it’s easy to see that they’ve failed to make an impact on the scoreboard beyond the arc in recent days.

1. The Denver Nuggets win Game 1 by 10+ points

If the above comes to fruition, things are going to start looking pretty stale for the Denver Nuggets. There is no doubt that they have a more talented squad; In addition to being the best player in the series, he’s also got a far more capable supporting cast. This is not to discredit the Heat, a group that consistently exceeds its apparent abilities and whose whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. However, this is a fact that would be very difficult to dispute.

The Nuggets, as we all know, also love their home court. “It’s the height!” Everyone cries. “And the Heat are fit.” Perhaps. But the Nuggets are really, really good, and with the added advantage of playing at home that every team enjoys, it’s no surprise that they don’t lose in the ball arena very often. They were an incredible 34-7 at home this season, and perhaps even more incredible, are now 8-0 in the post-season.

Against the Lakers, both games played in Denver were close, but the Nuggets have won each of their home playoff games this season by an average of at least nine points and more than 14 points. The Heat just keep doing their job and it’s always dangerous to underestimate them, but the Nuggets should be very good in Game 1.

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