AEW debuts its new behind-the-scenes show All Access

I’ll clear out my biases from above. I would never fully buy reality TV as “reality”. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone can act completely natural with a camera, even though they say that after a while they forget they’re there. goes for hard Knocks, Very. The conversations we see there are clearly selective — they have to be – But it never feels completely natural. Doesn’t mean we can’t get a sense of what real life looks like in AEW AEW: All Access, Not just 100 percent.

Which makes it either the worst possible for a wrestling company to have a show like this. Because we are never sure what is real and what is work in wrestling. Perhaps AEW wants us to buy into it because the curtain comes down and things are exactly as they were presented on the show. Or maybe it still has that little bit of hesitation that wrestling always does, and will add to the story going forward. ammo And violent conduct Too. Who knows? Every news we get from backstage is always distilled by the fans whether it is affecting bookings or is part of a storyline or not. So why not have a show that’s happening backstage too?

adam cole bybe is back

at least that’s the feeling after all access debuted last night tbs, It got off to that kind of mysterious start, because that’s what happened ammo Adam Cole returned to the ring last night, and Britt Baker (his real life girlfriend) is joining in celebrating his victory. And then all Access begins, and Baker and Cole are the undisputed centers of that show. all Access Definitely revolving around Cole’s journey coming back from serious injury problems and Baker’s support through it. It’s hard to believe that “reality” shows haven’t had some impact on “show” bookings before.

Baker actually assumed Cole as the star of the first episode, though not exactly with obvious results. This mirrored Baker getting all the attention of the women’s division on a real wrestling show a few years earlier when she was chasing and then becoming champion. It is clear why. Baker is just as comfortable talking in any setting as anyone else in the company, and she still shines as an AEW Original, carrying the torch for the women’s division for so long. He has gravitas within the company.

Doctor. Britt Baker, DMD
screenshot, youtube/tbs

But it doesn’t make for easy viewing, which is probably what the makers wanted. A quarter or so into the episode, Baker makes a big deal about doing everything she can to lift the women’s division and support other wrestlers to make them as good as they can be. But that happens about 10 minutes after we’ve seen her shit on Thunder Rosa at a confab with Jamie Hayter, Toni Storm, and Saraya.

Most AEW fans know that Rosa were not celebrities Backstage for various reasons, but it felt a bit over- Despite Saraya being specifically involved, we do know that she was part of the company for a month when it was filmed in Atlantic City, and long after Rosa took her leave. It also wasn’t the best for four white women talking about a Latina wrestler who was a major presence on the roster behind her back.

If anything, it was another example of Tony Khan not being a bad guy. The CM Punk-Elite situation spiraled out of control as Khan never caught on, despite clearly explaining to the roster that it was his call to sideline Colt Cabana and not Punk’s, if that happened. Or the press conference from hell by cutting Punk. Rosa/Interim Champion was no different. We know from various reports it was khan call to keep Rojas as a champion during the first part of his injury absence. So why are the rest of the wrestlers blaming Rosa in this episode?

And any fans can’t help but wonder how this will play into Rosa’s eventual return, and there’s no way it won’t. Ultimately, Rosa is about to have a match with Storm or Hater, and when she does, fans will have these visuals in their minds. Is it intentional or not? With wrestling, we never know how the “reality” of the whole thing lines up.

there are some real interesting behind the scenes Nugget

it doesn’t mean all Access Nothing is a nugget. I’m a sucker for how the shows and matches are put together. Early on, we see Tony Schiavone explaining to Sammy Guevara where his feud with Bryan Danielson is headed, why he is going there, and what he needs Sammy to do in his promo to promote the next match. Needed. This is a good thing.

Sammy and Tai

Sammy and Tai
screenshot, youtube/tbs

same with Guevara and Te Mello explaining how they Getting married ruined Mello’s face and turned heel and how depressing it was for him and finding his way on the fly what it meant to be a heel. It’s a great insight into the malleable nature of wrestling storytelling and the need for artists to be willing to pivot every once in a while.

We also see The Young Bucks returning from their suspensions, working out in a ring for the first time in two months, and how apprehensive they are. And as they begin to put together what will be their match a few weeks later in Full Gear. Then again, I eat this kind of crap.

aristocracy, aristocracy

aristocracy, aristocracy
screenshot, youtube/tbs

The boxes were clearly wide open in front of the cameras. It is clear that MJF will not happen. That friend would never break kayfabe. But this contrast confuses us as to how we see who is giving directly to us and who is not. Which… I guess that’s what makes it a wrestling product. The stories never stop in The Business, even when it takes you behind the scenes.

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