Apple still seems to be working on a 20-inch folding MacBook Pro

It’s been rumored for some time that Apple is working on a larger all-screen folding MacBook Pro, but the current state of foldable display technology is probably the most important issue Apple has been waiting for to launch something.

As early as 2022, Apple is rumored to be developing a foldable screen larger than 20 inches, which will use a touchscreen keyboard for input. At the time, this device was expected to be a MacBook or an iPad.

However, before the end of that year, the best guess was that Apple was working on a MacBook Pro with a folding screen that would measure in at around 20.5 inches. The device was expected to launch in early 2026 if everything goes according to plan.

In early 2023, rumors spread that Apple has pushed ahead with plans to launch its first foldable MacBook Pro, with the device now expected to launch sometime in 2025. It is still rumored that Apple will launch the next “iPhone Fold”.

as reported ElectricityBak Seung-in, managing director of Samsung Display, talked about the reliability of foldable displays at this year’s SID Review event in South Korea. That report says that Apple is still working on a product with a foldable display, but the current reliability issues could make the company rethink.

Samsung executives came to the event mainly to talk about the reliability of the foldable display, which got off to a shaky start. And although the screens aren’t as durable as the non-folding options on the market, they’re certainly improving.

Slide showing reliability issues for foldable displays

According to the report, Apple is working with both Samsung Display and LG Display to make its first foldable product. It also added that Apple is filing patents for products with foldable displays and the industry is waiting for Apple to jump on the bandwagon to increase adoption.

Apple is probably waiting for the reliability of the foldable display to improve before launching a product in this category.

Unfortunately, the supply chain doesn’t know exactly when Apple will launch one of these foldable devices. The wait may be at least a few more years.

Six years ago, Apple was granted a patent for a “dual display” device that resembles a MacBook with a unique hinge. In that study, the bottom of the device automatically transformed into a full-screen digital keyboard when text input was required.

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