Bad news for PC players: NBA 2K24 sticks with Last-Gen version

NBA 2K24 PC players will once again get their hands on a previous generation version of the game, which may prove to be a source of frustration for many enthusiasts. While exciting features like crossplay and proplay have been eagerly awaited within the community, this latest revelation will surely dampen their enthusiasm.

PC version of NBA 2K24 Matches the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions, instead of providing the cutting edge experience of the current generation; Inevitably, PC players equipped with state-of-the-art technology will find themselves engaged in a game Custom made for hardware since 2013,

NBA 2K24 for PC players is designed for 2013 hardware. (Image: NBA 2K)

The decision is disappointing for PC players, especially when you consider that many of the new features in NBA 2K24 are exclusively reserved for current-generation consoles. Notably, the PROPlay gameplay feature and the ability to participate in crossplay are only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

In addition, crossplay support between different versions of the previous generation is absent – in MyCAREER mode, PC players will not get the privilege Exploring the vast City Hub world, instead of being confined to the relatively small Neighborhood Hub.

Given the vast capabilities of high-end PCs, it’s fair to speculate on their ability to handle the current generation of game rendering. It would be an advantage if PC players were given the option of downloading either the current version or the latest generation version, which would accommodate individuals with different hardware configurations.

The latest generation of games for PC do not support crossplay with consoles. (Image: SportsgamersOnline)

This approach would allow players with top-level machines to fully enjoy the game, while players with more modest setups could still participate in the previous generation’s version.

The practice of offering previous generation iterations of major sports games on PC has persisted in recent years. For example, Madden NFL has made last-generation iterations available for PC players in previous installments. Still, a ray of hope emerged last month when they announced that Madden NFL 24 would be bringing the current-gen version to PC.

NBA 2K24 is currently available for pre-order and is scheduled to release on September 8, 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

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