Baker Mayfield propaganda is back in full effect for 2023

We haven’t heard much from Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield this summer. Things have been relatively quiet on the home front, which is unusual for Mayfield after signing a one-year deal with the Bucs in March. His name hasn’t been mentioned much outside of Tampa this offseason. Now that training camp is set to begin, we’re hearing from Mayfield himself, and it looks like he’s already taking on a leadership role for the Bucs.

“Obviously, Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time; Everybody talks about it,” Mayfield Said, “But this has left our veteran players who were part of the Super Bowl run even more angry and hungry. Because they say, ‘Well, we’re part of it too.’

In fact it will be hard for Tampa Bay to match what they did with Brady during his three stints with the team. While it feels like Mayfield is officially the frontrunner to be named starting QB over Kyle Trask, no one outside the Bucs locker room can envision anything close to Brady’s first two years with the organization. does.

if the baker wins the job, it doesn’t have to be Brady; it is almost impossible. Mayfield needs to help the Bucs be competitive and hopefully improve on last year’s record, which was under .500. Although Mayfield has only had one season where he posted a winning record as QB1 (2020), some believe he has everything needed to help turn this Bucs franchise around.

“I believe Baker is the human form of the Mayfield defibrillator. He can revive dead situations,, Acho said.

One of the few people who still believes in what Mayfield can do is the host of FS1 Speak, Emmanuel Eko. He is a longtime admirer of Mayfield and usually goes out of his way to defend Baker against critics. But the comparison to a QB with a 31-38 record and career completion percentage of 61.4 is hyperbolic. Acho is also a huge fan of LeBron James, so going forward, how about we call him the “King of Hyperbole.” Let’s put it in the form of a buck. Mayfield led the Browns to one winning season in four years.

Akko never mentions anything about records or statistics. If you want to say that Mayfield led Cleveland from a one-win team to six wins, fine. But is it really something to brag about? were bakers 1-3 in four starts for the Los Angeles Rams last season. Yet he revived them. He was also 1-5 in 2022 with the Carolina Panthers. Of course, none of this fits the story of Mr. Acho performed on the show. Why let the facts get in the way of a good segment, right?

Mayfield has done this several times during his NFL career, but acting like he saved all these teams is ridiculous. He can be good only when he has the right mix of talent and coaching around him. There’s no such thing as a “human defibrillator,” but we’ll let Eko run with it and see if he’s still talking about Baker by November.

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