BattleBit vs Battlefield – Which is better?

What exactly are the similarities and differences between Battlefield and BattleBit Remastered? Which of the two is the better game?

BattleBit vs Battlefield

BattleBits Remastered, for those not familiar, is a massive squad-based first-person objective shooter that was recently released. on pc, It features large maps for up to 254 players, with 127 players on each side, fighting for objectives on both maps. It features five character classes, a great abundance of weapons and vehicles, and environmental destruction. You’ve probably noticed that BattleBits Remastered looks exactly like the games in the Battlefield series. You are not alone, many players have drawn comparisons between the two. Some players have even called BattleBit a cheaper and better version of the Battlefield games.

Whether you’re just genuinely curious about the difference or someone who’s just doing research to figure out which game to buy, don’t worry. In this article, we will look at the similarities and differences between the two. Later we will decide which of the two is better. Let’s start with the similarities.

BattleBit vs Battlefield – Similarities

The easiest similarity that one can draw out between the two is the gameplay. Both games involve a large number of players, who are divided into two teams and fight over objectives. Players typically play a Domination-type game mode in both games. This means that both teams are fighting for control of various key points on the map. Teams can then win the game in one of two ways: by reaching the score goal (the more objectives a team has, the more points they generate), or by reducing the number of enemy tickets to zero (players Requires ticket to reproduce).

Another similarity in both the games is its class system. Both games have a class system (or something similar) that changes the player’s playstyle. For example, in BattleBit Remastered, players can choose to play as one of Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, or Recon. Invaders fight on the front lines, Medics keep everyone alive, Engineers repair vehicles and use explosives, Support provides ammo and cover for their team, and Recon fires from a distance. Similarly, most Battlefield games have similar roles. Battlefield 2042 does things a little differently. There are four classes in the game (Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon), each with its own set of characters. However, it still functions in the same way.

Competition is also a huge similarity. Although the combat systems and gunplay are different in both games, they are still at their core. Players respawn either on their captured points or on their squad. They must then either attack and capture enemy points, or defend their own points. Moving back and forth in combat is something that has become synonymous with the Battlefield series of games, and BattleBit does it well. Players have access to a variety of vehicles in both games. Players can attack or defend in a variety of ways, using tanks, APCs, helicopters, and more.

Weapon customization is another thing that both games have in common. Players can add a variety of attachments to their weapons to customize them to their liking. These attachments affect the way the gun is handled. For example, adding a grip or compensator can help reduce the recoil of the weapon. Adding a scope can increase your accuracy and your range, and sometimes players can even add a canned sight to have two different sights on their weapon. This freedom to modify guns is something many players in both games enjoy.

The final similarity that players may notice between the two games is the environmental destruction. Players can easily shape the battlefield by destroying various structures scattered around the map. Tall and secure looking buildings can be easily razed to the ground using tanks and explosives. Players can open walls to create shortcuts between points. They can blow up buildings to prevent snipers or campers from using them. This constant destruction of the game’s environment helps to ensure that no two matches, even if fought on the same map, will ever be the same.

Now that we’ve looked at the similarities between BattleBit and Battlefield, let’s move on to the differences between the two games.

BattleBit vs Battlefield – Difference

The biggest difference is in the graphics of each game. Like most shooters on the market at the moment, Battlefield has almost realistic graphics. The people actually look like people and the environment looks real. On the other hand, BattleBit has graphics similar to games like Minecraft. The characters are very blocky, and the environments look almost cartoonish. The only things in BattleBit that look even remotely realistic are the weapons and vehicles. Still, they really can’t compare to Battlefield when it comes to action.

Another important difference is the system requirements for both the games. Thanks to the simplified graphics of BattleBit, players on low-end computers can play it. On the other hand, modern Battlefield games have much higher requirements even for minimum system requirements. See below for a comparison of the recommended system requirements of BattleBit Remastered and the minimum system requirements for the latest Battlefield game: Battlefield 2042

BattleBits Remastered Recommended System Requirements battlefield 2042 minimum system requirements
processor Intel Core i5 4th generation and above AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Intel Core i5 6600K
Memory 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM
GRAPHICS GeForce GTX 600 Series or equivalent or better AMD Radeon RX 560, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
storage 2 GB available space 100 GB available space

As you can see, the system requirements of BattleBits Remastered are very low, even for the recommended ones. Compare this to Battlefield 2042, whose minimum system requirements require much more. This makes BattleBits more accessible than 2042, which means more players will be drawn to the game.

The other major difference is the number of players. As mentioned above, BattleBits Remastered can support up to 254-player battles with up to 127 players per team. Battlefield 2042, on the other hand, can only support up to 64 players. It was planned for 128 players, but had to be scrapped in the end. This makes the battles in BattleBit Remastered larger and larger scale than those in Battlefield 2042, as well as more fast-paced.

Another important difference is outside of the game, and that is player reception. On Steam, BattleBits Remastered currently has a 91% positive rating on Steam, with a very positive overall rating. On the other hand, the overall rating for Battlefield 2042 is mostly negative, with only 39% of reviews being positive. Although this may not make a real difference to the game, it is still important to consider.

Another difference that I find important to consider is the price point. The base price for BattleBits Remastered is $14.99. On the other hand, the base price of Battlefield 2042 is $59.99. That’s over four times the price of BattleBits Remastered, making it more affordable for many players.

BattleBit vs Battlefield – Which is better?

After looking at the similarities and differences, let’s now answer the question: between BattleBit and Battlefield, which one is better? Based on the similarities, we can honestly say that both the games are basically the same. Both games are squad shooters whose objective is to take down targets using everything from guns to vehicles. In this case, we should look at the differences. From the system requirements to the number of players per game and even the pricing and reviews, BattleBit Remastered stands above Battlefield 2042.

The only point of contention would be the graphics. Obviously, BattleBit’s blocky and cartoony graphics might not be for everyone. However, should you look beyond the cartoony and blocky graphics, you’ll find a well-built multiplayer shooter that’s a lot of fun and is basically a more affordable version of Battlefield.

In short, if you’re looking to pick up a squad-based shooter, BattleBits Remastered is the way to go. If you’re wondering what the game is like, you can check out our first impressions for the game.

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