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There is no greater evidence of football’s never-ending hold on society than the public’s reaction to the annual unveiling of the NFL schedule. The enthusiasm is palpable even several months away. Well, for the most part. Fans are often reluctant to watch the new slate of Thursday Night Football games, as its existence can be a deterrent to teams, fantasy football owners and people who hate watching sports on streaming platforms.

Football is not designed to be played in a short week. Everyone knows this, but dollar signs and a powerless fan ensure that this will remain just another tedious chore for years to come. Sometimes, though, a good cleaning day can be therapeutic, and may I say invigorating? TNF has produced a number of fireworks, including last season, when an epic Baker Mayfield comeback turned a tumultuous matchup into a thrilling redemption story.

Now, we will sort through the games of 2023 and identify which are the most to watch out for on paper. We’ll see them all anyway, but these are what make the whole concept worthwhile for fans.

with new issued schedules Madly being printed as we speak, here are the 3 best Thursday Night Football matchups to watch on Amazon Prime.

3. Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Week 13

Every time the Dallas Cowboys stumble in the playoffs, the stakes are raised for the next year. Against all odds, they find a way to outdo themselves. Is the cowboy experience becoming too repetitive, though? I think most viewers would say no.

I want to be clear that I do not hate Team America at all. I am just a lover of good theatre. And this franchise delivers it in spades, be it tragic, comic or triumphant. A home game in the final leg of the season against an NFC sleeper in the Seattle Seahawks must be called televised.

The conference still feels wide open and both of these teams could be realistic contenders. Each of them is led by a Super Bowl-winning head coach, they have a star wide receiver who doesn’t always get his due, a dynamic back who sets the tone on offense and a quarterback who comes with question marks. Is. All of that brilliance and unpredictability combine to make a competitive game that seems like a potential shootout.

Dallas has the edge on defense and can get ahead early if Micah Parsons and company can get Geno Smith, but Seattle has enough playmakers to make things very interesting.

2. Dolphins at Jets Week 12 (Black Friday Football)

While it’s not officially a Thursday Night Football game, the inaugural Black Friday matchup fits the criteria because it will air on Amazon Prime. I have some concern that this is a trap game and might be a bit of a letdown after a Turkey Day hangover, but this AFC East clash is too tempting to miss.

The New York Jets are the real stars of the 2023-24 NFL season. Just as reveling in the Cowboys’ mistakes has become a pastime for many, watching a New York team fail to live up to championship-level expectations has always united a good portion of the country. However, jets may be up to the task.

General manager Joe Douglas has built a solid roster and has now acquired a centerpiece in Aaron Rodgers. has now become a franchisee prime time central As a result, according to New York Post Sports’ Brian Costello. Jets fans have every right to exude confidence, but the Miami Dolphins have big plans as well. Their offense should remain effective, and have made a strong effort to boost their secondary after trading for Jalen Ramsey and drafting Cam Smith.

The stage is set for a potentially crucial matchup at the end of the year. Both the franchises will be closely watched throughout the season. If their respective quarterback positions don’t work out, disaster will ensue. Nothing like desperation to add some juice to the TNF.

This seems like the only option for numbers. 1 Thursday Night Football matchups on the 2023 NFL schedule. The most compelling division in the quest for the King of the North is likely to be the race. The Cincinnati Bengals remain Patrick Mahomes’ biggest hurdle, but they were one fumble-six away from being ousted by a Tyler Huntley-led Baltimore Ravens squad in last season’s wild card round.

Lamar won his contract tug-of-war with Jackson Management, but will now be expected to shine in a prime-time game like this one. Joe Burrow, on the other hand, could enhance his future mega-deal by outperforming the highest paid player in NFL history ($260 million, $185 million guaranteed).

There’s a lot of storytelling, which you can say I enjoy, but it just has to be good football. And it should be appreciated. If the Stars are healthy, there’s so much talent on the field that the action can’t disappoint.

The rivalry, aggressive styles of both teams and two exciting quarterbacks make Week 11 TNF a box office bonanza.

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