Bianca Bellaire reveals how she stays ‘ready’ amid constant line jumping

After walking down to the ring to defeat “Murder Clown” Asuka at Madison Square Garden, shall we say, Bianca Belair was feeling a bit down after the eventful Women’s Championship match between the current champion and Charlotte Flair at the O2 Afrena in London. a certain way smack downPresumably a mixture of anger, frustration and general annoyance that even if he does get a title shot, “The Genius of the Skies” could ruin it at any moment.

stop by smackdown lowdown Kayla Braxton to discuss her current predicament with Belair told how she gets ready Despite being so many artists, they want to take what is their due.

Bianca Belair said, “I feel 100 percent ready, I was asking for this rematch, but everyone is jumping the line.” “And then you have Miss Money in the Bank trying to get in line again, so I couldn’t be more ready. Everybody’s coming at me, and I come prepared, so I don’t have to prepare for my title opportunity.

When asked if she feels like the other women on the SmackDown roster have a target on her back, Belair gave an incredibly suggestive answer to this new, powerful version of “EST”.

“I mean, when you’re the best, you always have a target on your back, right?” Belair said. “Listen now, I know I won the rematch with Asuka, and I know Miss Charlotte Flair jumped the line, and now you have Miss Money in the Bank trying to jump the line, but you know what? I am ready so I don’t have to be ready. So come next week when I have a rematch with Asuka, I’m walking out with a title shot, and they can all kiss me (slap). Now go tell them this.”

Well, folks, you heard it here first; Bianca Belair dresses up so she doesn’t have to dress up, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss her.

Bianca Belair reveals her favorite feud in WWE.

Stopping in to the Daily Mail for a career-expanding interview money in the bank, Brianna Belair was asked about her favorite feuds of her career and which feud breathes air among the rest. for “WWE’s EST” three rivals rise above the others,

“I have been blessed to work with amazing women. Especially when I got on the main roster, Bayley was one of the first four horsewomen I worked with. I learned a lot from here and am still learning. I think she’s amazing in what she does for herself and what she gets in the ring with. She contributes so much to the division and is very selfless,” Bellaire said.

“Becky Lynch. I have learned a lot from him. When I came in I felt like I just wanted to lead, and I was comfortable in it so that I could share these amazing steps. Hopefully I get to work with Charlotte Flair more in the future and I think she’s in an amazing position.

“I can’t wait until I get to a position where I have a lot of equity and I’ve done a lot of things and I have a lot of titles where I can start giving back and helping others I can do what he has done for me. I feel like I’m working my way towards that position and developing a friendship with them. Becky and I didn’t start off on the best of terms leading up to SummerSlam, but grew a respect and developed a friendship along the way.”

asked about their performance in the above summer Slamwhich famously saw Belair lose to Lynch in 26 seconds, Belair admitted that such a brutal loss was hard to deal with, but she has since recovered from it.

“I will say, in the beginning, it was tough. Like, why is this happening, did I do something wrong? John Cena was there that night, and he shared some words with me and helped me see the bigger picture. His words will always be with me,” Belair said.

“I was thinking about 26 seconds of SummerSlam that day, and I ended up main eventing WrestleMania. It did a lot for my career, but 26 seconds did just as much, and it really paid off in the long run. I’m so proud of the work Becky and I did. A whole year’s worth of story that we came full circle to, and he advocated for it and worked for it. It really worked for me.”

Currently embroiled in a feud with Asuka, Charlotte Flair and potentially IYO SKY and DAMAGE CTRL for the WWE Women’s Championship, it is clear that Belair wants to get back in the winners’ circle and get her championship back, even if the belt It has since been renamed and redesigned after her record-breaking performance with the HO Raw Women’s Championship. Whether or not this happens, however, should be resolved in the not too distant future.

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