Booker T has nothing but love for Wes Lee’s evolution in NXT

2022 was a year of ups and downs for Wes Lee.

Lee and his partner Nash Carter, a tag team specialist since their time in the indies, saw their second reign with the NXT Tag Team Championship belts as the latter was released from the promotion. domestic abuse allegation And with a tiny square moustache, to be photographed doing the Nazi salute, some wondered what the future held for the 5-foot-9 high flier from Dayton, Ohio.

Fortunately, with the help of the coaches at the Performance Center, Lee was able to come back, and after the fall, he became the North American Champion, holding the belt for 269 days, until “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio took it from him on July 18. discusses the tumultuous time in his career as part of an interview with Phil Strum under the ringLee explains how he was able to keep his head down despite controversy eventually come out the other end in a better position,

“Coach Terry Taylor and Coach Steve Corino. They have been major crutches for me. I was inside coach Terry Taylor’s class when MSK split. He made sure that I knew that everything would be okay and that even though you may have this big hurdle in front of you, it is not something that should stop you from wanting to be the best. They pushed me and made sure I knew I had the capabilities within my body to do what I wanted to do in my mind,” Wes Lee said via Fightful.

“It was only when I moved from her class to Coach Corino’s that my mind was able to expand. The environment and atmosphere that Coach Corino has created allows your creativity to really flourish and shine and also creates an environment that you feel comfortable talking to, understanding how you feel inside. As most men, we don’t necessarily deal with our emotions in the best way, but having someone you can open up to and express how you feel definitely helps. I hope more men are able to understand that you should reach out to someone and tell how you feel so that you don’t go down a negative path and end up hurting yourself or other persons. I have to thank Coach Terry Taylor and Coach Steve Corino very, very, deeply, as sincerely as possible, for breathing life into me exactly when I needed it most.”

Would it have been nice to see MSK make it to the main roster? Absolutely; WWE hasn’t had many new tag teams on the main roster and the dynamic between the two former Rascalz was incredibly fun to watch. But in the end, Lee has turned herself into a very compelling babyface solo star, and her ceiling has been set higher as a result.

is a fan of wes lee NXT Commentator Booker T.

While Wes Lee Clearly Has Supporters At The Performance Center Of WWE, He Also Has A Supporter NXT commentary booth, as Booker T has become a huge fan of the former North American Champion during their shared time in Evolution.

Lee discussed, among other things, hall of fame podcast, Booker stated that, although he was not initially a Lee boy, the cruiserweight has totally won her over,

“Wes Lee, such an artist, man. He is a man of extraordinary talent. Wes Lee, he’s a guy he didn’t get, I’ll tell you, Wes Lee didn’t get my vote when I first came to NXT,” Booker T said via Wrestling News. “He wasn’t on my radar or anything like that. I just thought he was a one-dimensional guy who would go out there and flip, and that was pretty much it, but Wes Lee, you could tell Wes Lee had been in a fight before. You know, you can tell he’s been in some scraps, and his performance certainly tells me that, so when he goes out and does it the way he’s done these past months, what, three, four or five months? Oh my god, man, he is putting in some of the most amazing performances. So I give Wes Lee the top spot in NXT, man. seriously.”

What does the future hold for Lee? Will he be back in the NA title picture? Or could he pair up with someone like Dragon Lee to take a shot at Gallus and make a comeback in the tag team division? Either way, the future looks incredibly bright on “Ways Side.”

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