Case-Mate renews popular transparent GaN charger with 50W dual USB-C design

Last time, Case-Mate launched a range of retro USB-C chargers with sleek transparent designs. The single-port offering was great for your basic iPhone 14 charging needs, but the 30W GaN technology could only go so far. Now the company is back with a new and improved addition to the lineup. Meet the Case-Mate Fuel Brights 50W USB-C Charger.

Case-Mate launches new 50W transparent charger

This new charger from Case-Mate comes with a refreshed two-port design and looks just as good as the original. The transparent case shows off all of the internal charging tech, allowing the wall adapter to draw a total of 50W of power through the case. The company is touting its new Fuel Mates charger with the ability to charge two devices simultaneously at a rate of 25W or use just one slot to reach the full 50W output.

The charger has new GaN II technology to thank for the improved charging specs, which is a step up from the standard GaN chip that last year’s model relied on.

Despite all the charging upgrades, there’s still one aspect of the new Fuel Brights charger that Case-Mate left out from the original 30W version. Or I guess you could say three things that are missing. At launch, only one color of the new USB-C charger will be available. By comparison, the 30W model comes in four refreshed designs, each with vibrant colors and the same transparent design. On the other hand, the new variant only comes in Matte White style. So if you’re hoping to score one of the other neon designs, you should stick with the original.

On sale now with launch discount

On sale now, the new Case-Mate Fuel Brights 50W USB-C Charger retails for Rs 50,000 $49.99 suggested retail price. You can take it home from Amazon while there is a launch discount on the official Case-Mate Showcase. to crash $40You can get a temporary 20% off.

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As disappointed as I am that the new Fuel Brights 50W USB-C Charger doesn’t come in all four styles like the original, there really is a lot to like here. We’ve seen more and more brands adopt this dual-port design, so it’s only natural that we’d see Case-Mate step in to offer a new version of their popular charger.

Increasing the power to 50W makes this one of the more capable models with the form factor. By comparison, Apple’s in-house model can only generate 35W of power. So in addition to great design with that translucent shell, you also get some extra juice.

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