Chelsea Green Got Some Major Benefits From Her Former Tag Team Partner

Chelsea Green has suffered a lot since taking out Deonna Purrazzo after her failed attempt to retire Mickie James on Impact Wrestling; He re-debuted in WWE battle royale – at least for a few seconds – formed an odd pairing tag team with Sonya Deville, and on the most recent edition of RawBecame one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions after her partner pinned Liv Morgan in a 1-2-3.

Stop by open radio busted In discussing her former partner’s in-ring success, Purrazzo said she couldn’t be more proud of Green’s efforts, as she always dreamed of being a member of WWE and now she is. enjoy that achievement,

“I think for me, I am a wrestler. I’m not necessarily an entertainer, and Impact Wrestling has given me the opportunity to show the world what I do best, which is wrestling and give me the space to be authentically myself and make mistakes and learn character but wrestle because that’s what I do best. When Chelsea was released, it was really hard for her because WWE was the job she wanted from the day she got into wrestling, and she did what she had to do to work her way back, and now look at her,” Deonna Purrazzo said via Fightful.

“I have said time and time again, I wish no one more success than Chelsea Green. If it can’t be me, I want it to be him and see him the way he really is week after week. the drama on his face and the silly comments he made [on the July 10 WWE Raw] About, ‘Three strikes, you’re out, basketball,’ that’s Chelsea. That’s exactly what she wanted to be, and I’m so glad her path led her back to WWE and gave her that character.

After suffering not one, but two broken wrists that sidelined her first stint in WWE just when it looked like she was on the verge of making it big, it looks like the third time’s the charm for Green, as her new character is an absolute hit, and fans love to see what kind of wild behavior she throws up next, including Purrazzo, who will be tuning in. Raw To see it for myself each week.

Deonna Purrazzo was happy to wrestle an ex-WWE star at Slammiversary.

using the open radio busted In promoting her own work rather than the efforts of her former tag team partner Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo revealed why she was willing to put her Knockouts Championship on the line against Trinity Fatu – aka WWE’s Naomi – a relative newcomer to the promotion.

In “Virtuosa’s” opinion, champions are expected to put their title on the line, and if awarding the title to Fatu gets more fans watching the show each week, he a rising tide lifts all ships,

“I don’t think as a champion you ever want to lose, but yeah, I think the division is bigger than just me,” Purrazzo said via Fightful. “We have a lot of women who work really hard, and [they] Also want to take this division to new heights. If Trinity, being the champion, if she can get the best of me and beat me, does it for our company, then I can’t complain about it. I think I’ve gotten to a point in Impact where, whether I’m a champion or not – I’m a three-time champion. So at this point I’ve lost it twice. Whether I’m a champion or not, I maintain my role as one of the faces of our company. I’m really grateful for that, and if there’s a champion who’s done a lot more work than me, is bigger, has a bigger platform than me, gets more attention to our product, and more people see it every week, more people talk about it than me then being a champion doesn’t matter. You know, we want development. We want to continue to grow. If Trinity does it, not just Trinity, if anybody does it, then at the end of the day I can’t be bothered. It’s best for business.

The real-life wife of Jimmy Uso, who famously threw her titles on the table and walked out on WWE with Mercedes Mone – aka Sasha Banks – last summer, Fatu’s return to professional wrestling has been a huge success, with fans loving to see her back in the ring and in the championship circle after a year of uncertainty. Although Purrazzo lost his match SlammiversaryIn the end, she was able to wrestle in front of more people than she was used to, which is exactly what she intended.

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