Chesnaught was born in Tera Raid Battle

Right after Inteleon Pokemon Tera Raid Battle’s first-weekend run, we’ve already been given a glimpse at what to look forward to in the next one – May 12, 2023 to May 14, 2023, and Chesmouth in Pokemon Tera Raid Battle until May Spawns from May 19, 2023 to May 21, 2023.

Get ready to get rocked by Chesnut in Tera Raid Battle

The recently announced 7 star Pokémon Tera Raid Battle will feature Chesnout, a Grass and Fighting type and the final evolution of Chespin the Grass starter from Generation 6. previous raids that featured starter Pokémon in the mix. Chesnounth has a Rock Tera type, making it resistant to Fire, Ice and Poison type attacks making it slightly stronger than before.

As we’ve always said before as trainers, we encourage everyone to participate in battles as it provides a chance to catch a Pokémon they can’t easily find in the wild as well as great loot that Will appear after successfully catching the boss. challenge. Note that you can only grab this version of Chesnut once per saved file. As a Grass Pokémon, you should be able to do well by bringing a Fire type, but you’ll notice a bit more resistance and durability, given that the Terralized version of this boss raid will be a Rock type. Make sure you plan your moves well before going into battle. Of course, you can accomplish this much easier with friends, so try joining raids together to make this task easier for you guys.

For Chesnauth’s core stats as well as its movesets, we’ve listed them below (this is before terstalizing, its unique proposition latest pokemon game) to see how you can eventually max out this Pokemon after catching it in a raid.

Base Stats:

Himachal Pradesh: 88
Attack: 107
Defense: 122
SP. ATK: 74
SP. def: 75
Speed: 64
Total: 530

Clearly, Chesnounth is not built to act first, but is more useful for its formidable defense and powerful moves. We’re expecting this Pokémon to be stronger as it has a Rock Tera type and thus favors a bit more resistance against its usual Grass type weaknesses such as Fire, Ice and Poison type moves.

level step Type Social class Power accuracy
1 hammer arm fighting Physical 100 90%
1 fallacy General Physical 30 100%
1 tackle General Physical 40 100%
1 Growl General status , 100%
1 vine Whip Grass Physical 45 100%
1 roll out rock Physical 30 90%
Development spiky shield Grass status , ,
11 Cutting dark Physical 60 100%
15 Leech Seed Grass status , 90%
19 pin missile worm Physical 25 95%
29 take down General Physical 90 85%
35 seed bomb Grass Physical 80 100%
41 mud shot floor Specific 55 95%
48 bulk fighting status , ,
54 body slam General Physical 85 100%
60 sharing of pain General status , ,
66 wood hammer Grass Physical 120 100%
78 giga effect General Physical 120 90%

With access to a moveset like this, Chesnauth can actually pounce on your opponent’s active Pokémon and properly tear them apart with powerful moves like Hammer Arm, Wood Hammer, and Giga Impact. Given the nature of these attacks, they can help Chesnaught juggle against opponents who are weak to Gras, Fighting, and Normal types. It’s really a no brainer for this pokemon, because all you have to do is hit them and hit them hard.

Chesnooth will emerge in the 20th Tera Raid Battle soon, so be sure to mark your calendars and create alarms for May 12th, 2023 to May 14th, 2023, as well as May 19th, 2023 to May 21st, 2023.

Don’t forget to tune in from time to time to get the latest updates, news and events on anything and everything about Pokémon right here on ClutchPoints Gaming!

Best wishes, trainers!

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