CM Punk defeated Owen Hart to set up his victory over Samoa Joe

After booking their way into the semi-finals of the Owen Hart Cup tournament, CM Punk and Samoa Joe found themselves booked in a match once again for the fourth edition. aew collisionFor the first time since 2005, the longtime Ring of Honor rivals shared the ring in a non-tag team match.

Boasting an 0-6 record against the “Samoan Submission Machine” compared to his previous singles bouts, Punk knew he had a tough road ahead of him in the Owen Hart Cup, but he wanted to reassure Regina’s fans. that he is going to name it after himself. everything as he wanted Dedicate the match to “The King of Hearts”.

“Is it great to be alive in Regina on Saturday night or what? I’ve got a big match tonight against Samoa Joe, I don’t want to take up too much of your time here, but there’s some history that needs to be detailed, and it’s not just about me, and it’s not just about me. It’s not about who, it’s about everyone in Regina, about everyone in Canada, about everyone in Heart Stampede Country. I recognize the gravity of the moment, this is the biggest match of my career. If I may say for a moment, if whoever kills me in my dream, he better wake up and apologise. It seems that the tournament is over, it seems that the final of the tournament is over, but it is not; If I said it was like that, I’d be outdoing powerhouse Hobbs, I’d be outdoing ‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks. But tonight history will be made; Samoa Joe said it, and he’s right, Kevin Kelly said it; Time will stand still. It’s been eighteen years since I’ve been in the ring with Samoa Joe. This man has caused my teeth to disappear, this man has road map scars up and down my beautiful face, and I am beautiful,” Punk said.

“Bigger than me, bigger than Joe, bigger than Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk, there is a name and I want to hear you pronounce it tonight and it is Owen Hart. If it weren’t for Owen Hart, most of that locker room would be empty right now. If it wasn’t for Owen Hart, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. So you can make CM Punk the champion, and you can put Samoa Joe on a pedestal, and you can talk about how powerful powerhouse hobos are, and you can talk about how ‘absolute ‘ How talented is Ricky Starks; None of us would be here if it wasn’t for Owen Hart… I can’t promise victory; I’ve never beaten Samoa Joe. A lot of people say I’ll never do that, which is one of them, but I believe, and there’s one thing I can promise you tonight, in that ring, win, lose or draw, I’ll be there for those four posts. I’ll pour my heart out until there’s nothing left to give and I’ll leave everything in that ring for me, for you, for you sitting at home, and for Owen!”

Luckily for Punk, he eventually came out on top against Joe, increasing his career record to 1–6 against the Ring of Honor Television Champion and earning himself a victory over Ricky Starks as a result and one win away from becoming the new Owen Hart Cup winner. Got away Assuming the “Best in the World” Coquina can recover from the clutch he suffered after the match, Punk would have to be the favorite to bring home the pink strap.

Dave Meltzer knew that CM Punk would wrestle again in the future.

In his conversation with Chris Van Vliet discussing CM Punk, Dave Meltzer was asked if he knew “The Best in the World” would be returning to professional wrestling when he was in the midst of an alleged standoff with AEW.

In the opinion of a writer for the Wrestling Observer, he was feeling great that Punk would wrestle again; she just that was not how it would come together,

“I didn’t know 100% [Punk] “I would come back to AEW, but I knew he would come back to wrestling somewhere,” Meltzer said via Wrestling Inc. “I know people in WWE, it seemed like they were open to taking him. Not going. And it’s like, ‘Maybe yes, maybe no,’ but it was immaterial because of Tony [Khan] Wasn’t going to release him. The thing is, at some point, I thought he would come back and probably be in AEW. It didn’t happen exactly the way I expected, but it happened, and it happened because he can paint, and a man who has a history of painting will always get his chance until the wheels come off completely. Don’t be That is all.”

Ultimately, Punk is in the fourth week of his return to AEW, and while Collision is the number of viewers Declined every week since its debutThe reception to the show has been incredibly positive. If Punk continues to play ball, the sky really could be the limit on this run’s potential.

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