Critical Role has a custom Zelda TTRPG, which we may never see

tomorrow night, vital role played a legend of Zelda-inspired tabletop roleplay, and we may never get to see, play, or hear about it again. This may change, but… who knows. the point is that a nintendo approved zelda-inspired TTRPG There it is, perfectly playable, and no one touches it or even tells us how to watch it at the end.

io9 contacted vital role and Nintendo for comment. All we heard back was a call from Nintendo. We’re waiting with bated breath for the company’s response.

So this is what we know. vital role and Nintendo Treehouse teamed up to create this custom legend of Zelda TTRPG that is based on events and knowledge tears of the kingdom, Nintendo actually sponsored the stream, making it a semi-official legend of Zelda TTRPG. It uses both a D20, turn-based combat mechanic system involving initiative and hit point-based damage. got a skinny Dungeons and Dragons The best way to think about it is as a battle. same as Farmera bit like in strange, Very old fashioned role play structures.

TTRPG also takes inspiration from it doom world In game design parlance, a game that does this is said to be “powered by apocalypse” – by Vincent and Megué Becker – and uses two d6 dice to determine success, success-with-complexity, or failure. Is. There are at least three stats: Wisdom, Valor, and Strength, which can add or subtract bonuses from a roll.

in fact, it’s so little, it’s almost nothing, but it’s Some And when I think there’s a 20-page document somewhere explaining all this that was created under the auspices of Nintendo, I get annoyed. It’s a great franchise to put into a TTRPG, and the fact that a light, easy-to-play game is basically ready to go bothers me. Much of this is probably due to the fact that Matt Mercer, vital roleGanondorf’s resident GM and game master agree to this one-shot tears of the kingdom, I just can’t imagine a universe wherevital role makes a semi-official zelda TTRPG” and “Matt Mercer voices Ganondorf” are not related.

So here we go, let’s see if it works. dear nintendo and vital role: release the … zelda TTRPG! let me read it! give it to me!! Free the princess from the people!! show me die-fORS! If anyone – literally anyone – emails me back with more info, I’ll let you know in full.

The Legend of Zelda One-Shot: Lookout, Here We Come! Airs Tuesday, May 30 Twitch And youtube, will release on youtube Thursday, June 1st 12:00PM Pacific. podcast Edition comes out June 6.

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