Danger! winners refuse to cross the picket line for TOC

This beloved American game show is the target of a WGA strike. What is? hazard!,

The labor movement boosting the American workforce has found a new ally: hazard Champions. on weekends, 13 times hazard!victorious and proud IATSE union member Ray Lalonde announced in the Danger subreddit that he would not cross the picket line to appear on Danger!‘s annual Tournament of Champions. In the post, Lalonde said he had been warned of a “contingency plan” for the tournament should the strike continue. The plan? Use “old and/or recycled material” written by WGA members prior to the strike. Ah, nothing but the best for America’s prettiest.

“I am and will always be grateful for the experience I had on the show, and the opportunity to participate in the TOC is more than a dream come true for me,” he wrote. “Having said that, I believe the show’s writers are a vital part of the show, and they are justified in taking action to secure a fair contract for themselves and their fellow WGA members.”

“As a supporter of the union movement, the son of a union member and a proud union member myself, I have informed the show’s producers that if the strike goes unresolved, I will not cross a picket line to play in the Tournament Of Champions.”

He’s not the only one. Other Danger! winners, including 21-time winner Cris Pannullo, eight-time winner Hannah Wilson, six-time winner Troy Meyer, and nine-time winner Ben Chan, all expressed their solidarity with Lalonde in the subreddit.

Since the strike started, Danger! has been a regular source of controversy, that apparently is the final shape of this show. In May, Ken Jennings got the wrath of one Mr. Wil Wheaton because Jennings was willing to play the last four episodes of the Danger! Masters tournament, crossing the WGA picket line to do so. “This is a VERY small town, Ken Jennings, and we’ll all remember this,” Wheaton continued writing Facebook. Mayim Bialick expressed solidarity with the show’s writers.

“Our words are on the screen every night”, Danger writers Billy Wisse and Michelle Loud narrated Variety in May. “There is no Danger without writers. Without us, it’s just a blank blue screen.”



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