DAO Treasuries Exceed $25 Billion for First Time: DeepDAO

According to DeepDAO, the treasury of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) is growing rapidly and has just reached a major milestone.

According to data from The DAO Data Platform, the total assets of all decentralized autonomous organizations reached a record $25.1 billion on March 31.

The treasury is the sum total of assets that the DAO may use as it sees fit. This does not include DAO-managed but non-owned assets, such as staking accounts and reward fees.

According to DeepDAO, about $22 billion of that total is liquid and about $3.5 billion has been set aside for vesting.

Remarkably, assets in the DAO Treasuries have more than doubled since the start of 2023, which is no small feat for a bear market.

Total DAO Treasury Assets. Source: deepdao.io

Additionally, the $25.1 billion figure represents roughly 40% of the total value locked for all DeFi as reported by DeFiLlama. It currently stands at $61.7 billion after a 39% increase since the beginning of the year.

DeepDAO is a discovery and analytics engine for the DAO ecosystem that computes and analyzes financial and governance data for high-growth industry. DeepDAO reports that there are 12,108 DAOs, of which 2,353 are analyzed by the platform.

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A DeepDAO representative told Cointelegraph that the big movers are Layer 2 DAOs, the leading category with infrastructure now overtaken by DeFi.

“Until recently, Uniswap and BitDAO were the largest with over $2 billion each, now we have a bunch of really big DAOs with the addition of Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon,” said Daniel Bar of DeepDAO.

Optimism Collective is the leader in Treasury funds with $5.5 billion, giving it a 22% market share. According to L2beat, Optimism is the second most popular Ethereum layer-2 solution provider after Arbitrum One.

However, Arbitrum has a slightly smaller DAO treasury at $4.4 billion, giving it a 17.5% share.

The remaining DAOs in the top five are BitDAO, Uniswap and Polygon with $2.6 billion, $2.5 billion and $1.5 billion in funds, respectively.

DeepDAO also reported that the most active DAO last week was PancakeSwap with 66 decisions. The total number of decisions across all DAOs analyzed last month was 3,300, down from 3,700 in February.

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