Dave Portnoy re-hires Ben Mintz after Barstool firing

Dave Portnoy has once again provided Ben Mintz with gainful employment, but the twist is that Mintz is not returning to Barstool Sports after being fired for racial slurs on a live stream earlier this month.

Instead, Portnoy hired Mintz as a pitchman for Brick Watch, the watch company that Portnoy launched out of barstools the previous year.

Mintz announced the news on Twitter Wednesday morning, sharing a video on his 40th birthday.

“I am being re-hired by Dave Portnoy as Brick Watch’s first employee, and I couldn’t be happier,” Mintz said.

“This month has been very difficult for me. Apparently, I made an unforgivable – but stupid and honest – mistake at the beginning of the month. It cost me dearly. It cost me my job at Barstool Sports. I paid a heavy price.”

Mintz said he appreciated the support of Portnoy, Dan Katz, and Barstool CEO Erica Nardini, who advocated against his dismissal to parent company Penn Entertainment.

He said he maintained an “upbeat” face over the past several weeks, but was torn inside by seeing himself constantly online being linked to a racial slur.

Mintz also said that it “means the world to me” that Portnoy re-hired him.

The announcement was filmed in front of the “Reborn” statue of the New Orleans Saints, featuring Steve Gleason’s famous blocked punt for the team in reopening the Superdome in 2006, a year after Hurricane Katrina.

Dave Portnoy re-hired Ben Mintz, who was fired from Barstool for racial slurs, to be Brick Watch ambassador.
Barstools / Ben Mintz

Portnoy responded to the video by tweeting, “Now he’s my watch salesman! And it fits like a glove! Not to mention I sent the watches almost 2 weeks ago and he still hasn’t sized them!” I don’t care! Bring the watches for the people, Minzi!

Retail price for Brick watches is $2,399.

Penn Entertainment finalized its acquisition of Barstool earlier this year for a total of $551 million, and made the decision to fire Mintz based on concerns that racial slurs could be used against Barstool by state gambling regulatory bodies. .

Dave Portnoy at the SiriusXM Dave Matthews Band concert in 2021.
Dave Portnoy at the SiriusXM Dave Matthews Band concert in 2021.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

Mintz was rapping along to the song “1st of Tha Month” by Bone Thugz-N-Harmony on May 1 when he said the N-word, and immediately realized his mistake.

Mintz tweeted shortly after the show, “This morning, I made the unforgivable mistake of tripping on air while reciting the lyrics.”

“I meant no harm and I have never felt bad about anything. I apologize for my actions. I am truly sorry and ashamed of myself.

Portnoy protested Mintz’s dismissal.

Dave Portnoy and girlfriend Silvana Mojica at the Heat-Celtics Game 2.
Dave Portnoy and girlfriend Silvana Mojica at the Heat-Celtics Game 2.
Getty Images

“I hate the decision. I disagree with the decision. I would not have taken the decision. But I don’t deal with things related to pens in terms of state regulators etc,” the Barstool founder told the Post in a direct message at the time.

“Penn paid a lot of money for Barstool and he has to make the best decisions to protect his business. I trust and respect [Penn CEO] Neelkanth [Snowden] That he does what he thinks is the right move and that’s all you can ask for. Doesn’t mean I will always agree but again he deals with things I don’t need to think about or deal with.

Portnoy recently stated on “The Kirk Minhane Show” that his contract with Barstool & Penn expires in 20 months, and is not sure what the parent company’s thoughts are about whether he will agree to a new deal. Will there be partners or not?

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