Divorce lawyer weighs in on what’s at stake in Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s divorce! Perez Hilton

sofia vergara And Joe Manganiello They may still “love and care for each other very much”, but at the end of the day, they’re getting a divorce… so what’s at stake?

After the amazing news that the couple is headed to Splitsville hit the Internet on Monday, reports are abuzz about what led to their divorce and how they feel about moving on. But the yawning question still remains: How exactly will they divvy up the million-dollar lives they’ve so carefully built over the last eight years of their marriage? Well, one high-profile divorce lawyer has some theories!

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frederick seagalfounding member of Siegel, Collin and Kaufman spoke to the family law firm (which does not represent either party in their divorce) page six Speculations about pending legal proceedings on Tuesday suggest they may very well! First off, it should be noted that Sofia made it clear in 2015 that she had signed a prenuptial agreement with Joe to protect her assets. He said Howard Stern On appearing on his show in May:

,[Joe] Said, ‘Do whatever you want. Whatever you want, I will make.

Boy, we bet she’s thanking her former self right now!

Siegel explained that because of that prenuptial agreement and the fact that they don’t have kids together, the whole process could potentially have been a lot easier if things had been different. His guess? Their prenup “probably was what’s called a walkaway”. he explained:

‘She keeps what she has and what she earns, and she keeps what she has and what she has earned. So with the marriage contract – and without children [together] – It turns out to be a very simple matter.

Sofia shares her 31-year-old son Manolo with ex husband Joe Gonzalez,

However, what can be a bit tricky is their ownership. The two moved into a sprawling 11,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion in 2015, according to tmzbilled Vergara for $10.6 million. Last summer, the outlet reported that the duo renovated the home, added a movie theater, pool and spa, chef and gym, then put the property on the market for $19.6 million. Around the same time, the couple also bought another plot of land nearby, which has been under construction ever since.

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It’s unclear who bought the new property, or if it was a joint effort, but Siegel suspects the couple will try to settle things as “amicably” as possible to avoid affecting their careers:

“I believe they are possibly more advanced [in their divorce] a lot more than people would think, because most of the time when people make announcements, like they did [Monday], They have already done some preparation work. It doesn’t look like it’s dirty yet. It’s a good sign when people make the kind of statement they’ve made and say they meant to do it amicably, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

She further added that the two probably have a confidentiality clause in their prenup to make sure things stay private:

“I think both [Vergara and Manganiello] Recognize the fact that if this is a bad divorce, their career could be in jeopardy. It doesn’t really serve anyone. His career is very good. They don’t want to hang their dirty clothes in public.”

Sofia was named the world’s highest-paid TV actress forbes After his stellar performance in October 2020 ABC‘S modern FamilyAnd his estimated net worth is about $140 million to $180 million compared to $40 million.


It looks like neither of them are likely to be hurt too much when this is all over.

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