Draymond Green reprimanded by Andrew Nicholson after boast

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green recently made candid comments about how he was completely overlooked during the 2012 NBA Draft. His biggest complaint was that Andrew Nicholson was picked at no. 19 overall, while he was selected by Golden State at no. 35.

During a recent episode of Paul George podcast P Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, Green attacked Nicholson by saying that his body is “weird” and that he doesn’t walk or talk like a basketball player. The Warriors vet pretty much expressed his lack of respect for the former Orlando Magic power forward.

Nicholson has now been given a platform, and he went downright brutal in his response:

,i see it as insecurity Nicholson said in a recent podcast appearance. “…I didn’t know he was thinking about me for the last 11 years. I wasn’t thinking about you all, I’ll be honest with you.”

Not only did he say that Green was unsafe, but Nicholson also poked fun at Drummond’s inability to pronounce the name of Nicholson’s college:

“I didn’t really realize St. Bonaventure was a really hard name to pronounce,” he continued. “Maybe it’s a good thing I stayed in college for four years, so I was able to do it. I have a great program at my 44 Hoops nonprofit where we have these kinds of phonics things where we can really help her. I had no problem doing that.”

Nicholson’s passive-aggressive attack didn’t end there. He also went on to hint at how Green may not have been raised properly:

Nicholson said, “The most unfortunate thing about it is that for me as a person and as a person… maybe that’s how I grew up, but I like to see people do well.” “Whether they are appointed above me or they are appointed below me, it is just my personality. …when someone has that kind of insecurity and doesn’t want to see someone else doing well or 11 years later questioning why this guy was like [drafted] To me, it’s kind of disappointing.”

Andrew Nicholson was very cordial and respectful in the way he spoke, but it cannot be denied that he destroyed the Warriors’ talisman with his merciless response here.

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