Eric Young reveals why he refused to work for Vince McMahon before his release

Eric Young made waves in July after making the jump to WWE from Impact Wrestling to work under his former NXT booker, Paul “Triple H” Levesque. quietly dropped out of promotion without a single television appearance before making his triumphant return to the Impact Zone as Scott D’Amore’s surprise Team Canada tag team partner Slammiversary against Bully Ray and his former Violent by Design teammate Deaner.

stop by bully ray Other employer, open radio bustedIn discussing his in-ring return to Impact after an illusory return to WWE, Young explained that, having signed up to wrestle when the former Fed chairman retired, he morally could not work for the same company as Vince McMahon.

“There are a lot of issues,” Eric Young said via Fightful. “It is a tough place to work, and anyone who has worked there knows that. For me, when I signed up in late October, early November, I signed up to play on one team, and when it was time to go to work, I was going to play on a different team. Personally, professionally, and more importantly to me, ethically, I cannot take instruction from such a person, I refuse. I am in a very fortunate position where I get to choose and I chose not to work there. Everyone has their own life and their own stories. I was going back and forth with some people who are very well respected there, and they were saying, ‘Thanks for leading the way.’ I am not doing this to be a leader or to set an example. I’m doing it because it’s right for me. It’s amazing that I got to make that choice because so many people will never get to make that choice. I have to choose not to work for that particular person. I am sure everyone is following it.

Did Young Make A Big Change By Saying Goodbye To WWE? most certainly; WWE is still the biggest sport in town, and even the NXT contract is probably far more lucrative than the one D’Amore is proposing. Still, some things are more valuable than money, and it appears that Young would prefer to continue wrestling, mixing it up with his friends, and not working for someone who doesn’t compromise his integrity. based on their response SlammiversaryLooks like he made the right choice.

Regardless of how it ended, Eric Young has no regrets about leaving Impact for WWE.

So, after leaving Impact Zone for WWE a few months later without wrestling a single match – he was also Killed on-screen in Impactwhich is a wild thing that propaganda does sometimes, like Luchasaurus would testify – One would assume that Eric Young would ultimately regret his decision to give up his favorite promotion in favor of a failed opportunity, right?

In discussing the same question with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, Young said he doesn’t regret his decision to quit, even if he had to. Prefer to stay if offers are equal,

“No, I can say that I really do not regret anything that I have done. I am very experienced person. At the time, even Scott would say, I would have been a fool not to go,’ Young said via Fightful. “That’s just the reality of the business side of it. The truth is, anybody close to me, my wife and the people on the Impact roster, who are some of my best friends in the world, I said this, and I said it to Scott, I don’t want to leave. There was a part of me that really didn’t want to do this. It never happened to me when I felt this strange regret of going. I thought we were doing something very special. I think Impact is a special place to work for people who love pro wrestling. You can ask anyone on the roster and they will tell you the same thing at varying levels. To me, this is the best minute-to-minute pro wrestling show in the world. This is biased because I work there, but I would have told you that any time. It is written by professional wrestlers, for professional wrestling fans. Sorry, no, but I didn’t want to go. From a business perspective, it made sense to me. I can’t do this forever, and I’m hoping to be working now when I’m 55.”

Was it weird for Young to come back to life and wrestle once again in the Impact Zone? Eh, maybe a little, but you know what? By turning down WWE for Impact due to his dislike of Mr. McMahon, Young established himself as one of the biggest babyfaces in Impact Zone, which would not have been possible if he had remained in the promotion with Deaner, Allen Engels and company.

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