ESPN affiliates taking sides after Sam Ponder’s ‘bigot’ allegation

Sage Steele is stepping up for ESPN colleague Sam Ponder, who was called a “hardcore” in the A usa today column by Nancy Armour.

“A pathetic attack on a woman who is only fighting for other women in sports,” Steele, a “SportsCenter” host, said. tweet supporting the idea,

“(Nancy Armour) chooses to lead with her feelings versus the facts. ‘Follow the science’, right?! When in doubt, pull the bigotry/race card! Humorous. Stay strong (Sam Ponder) .. It’s a lonely battle, but it’s worth it!

Sage Steele comes to the rescue of Sam Ponder.
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Meanwhile, Outkick reported that Ponder’s ESPN colleague, columnist Sarah Spain, Liked a tweet promoting Under Armour’s columnsuggesting that she also thinks Ponder is “a bigot”.

ESPN did not want to comment on Spain’s social media activity when contacted by the website.

Armor was very critical of Ponder and former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, claiming that both were hiding behind Title IX as a way to attack transgender athletes.

Sarah Spain liked the tweet promoting her USA TODAY column.
Sarah Spain liked the tweet promoting her USA TODAY column.
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Armor wrote in her column, “Don’t be fooled by those who shout about ‘fairness’ to hide their bigotry against transgender girls and women, transgender girls and especially women who wish to play sports.” ”

He also called Ponder’s support a “sham” and rebuked her for not using her platform to fight for more funding for the women’s game.

Sam Ponder, ESPN
Sam Ponder, ESPN

Gaines, who finished fifth with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in a race last year, has been a leading voice for female student-athletes concerned about transgender women playing sports against biological females.

Steele has never been shy about voicing her opinion, coming out in support of Gaines after she claimed ESPN allegedly violated her free speech rights and was recently assaulted by students while speaking at San Francisco State University. Sued for


Gaines has been very vocal about trans women competing in women’s sports since finishing fifth with Leah Thomas at the 2022 NCAA Championships.

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