ESPN is hoping to expand The Pat McAfee Show to radio

ESPN hopes to simulcast “The” Pat McAfee The show on National Radio will unveil its new programme, sources said. Ryan Glaspiegel and me

It’s not official and there are still some steps to be taken to complete it, but it will mean more distribution for McAfee’s program.

ESPN declined comment.

Between being on ESPN, YouTube and potentially national radio, McAfee’s show will be available everywhere. He and his team also do a great job of getting their segments out on social media in a timely manner.

The host of this year’s ESPYs, Pat McAfee has become an expanding presence on nearly all of ESPN’s broadcast platforms.
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12-3 pm time slot jason fitz And Harry Douglas, Fitz was fired during ESPN’s recent layoffs, in which about 20 on-air people were laid off.

ESPN Radio is getting a complete reboot this fall. Although nowadays it is not a priority of the company, it is a place where the network has, historically, liked to showcase its stars and still does, as is the case with mike greenbergwhich has a 10 a.m. to noon show that bears its name, although it appears somewhat irregularly.

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Scott Van Pelt broadcasts before the game between the Maryland Terrapins and the Georgetown Hoyas at Xfinity Center on November 17, 2015 in College Park, Maryland.
Whispers are rife that Scott Van Pelt will become the pregame host of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” this autumn.
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Last week, we led the newsletter with a report that the new host of “Monday Night Football Countdown” would be either Scott Van Pelt Or Laura Routledge. I co-host on the podcast john orand, I said Van Pelt has the inside track. He is standing there. It will likely be Van Pelt as ESPN seeks to increase its association with the big events and, in his view, the Monday Night Desk is an opportunity to do so. While it’s heading towards that, I’ll also add: If I were ESPN, I would have a plan for Rutledge because she has shown to be a tremendous host and hard worker. ,

ESPN analyst, Adrian Wojnarowski, reports on the game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics during Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden on May 23, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Adrian Wojnarowski’s reporting on a potential Damian Lillard trade upset Miami-based media personality Dan Le Batard, who claimed to an ESPN newsbreaker that he was “bought and paid for” by the Trail Blazers.
NBAE via Getty Images

You know when something becomes a talking point and you can’t quite figure out why – that’s me Dan Le Batardbroad side of Adrian Wojnarowski, Le Batard said that Wojnarowski has been “bought and paid for” by the Portland Trail Blazers, as he noted Wojnarowski’s reporting on potential damian lillard Do business in Miami. The term is offensive enough, but what I could not understand was this: what did Wojnarowski do or do wrong? Yep, looks like they’ve put Portland’s position through sources. This is called reporting. Le Batard explained Miami’s position on the trade. I know from my own experience, it is not fair to second guess the sources. This has happened to my reporting on sports media news and about 90 percent of the time people are wrong. Presumably — and perhaps, hopefully — it’s from Trail Blazers sources when Wojnarowski expresses what Portland is thinking. Now, this isn’t always true of how some, if not all, major sports insiders work. It’s a very competitive beat, which gives subjects some power over reporters due to supply and demand. Perhaps we’ll deal with the story of insiders and alleged horse-trading at some point, but, in this case, I’m not exactly sure how Wojnarowski was “bought and paid,” if he has the story right at this point. ….NBC officially announced its pregame teams for its new Big Ten prime time games. leading host maria taylor will join matt castle, joshua perry, Michael Robinson And Ahmed Fareed, Worth noting that the show will be live at every game each week, which is exactly how the college game works. Although the early NBC Big Ten schedule wasn’t very impressive, this should help make it feel a little bigger. ,

Lionel Messi #10 of Inter Miami CF celebrates after scoring the game winning goal during the second half of the League Cup 2023 match between Cruz Azul and Inter Miami CF at DRV PNK Stadium on July 21, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Lionel Messi’s debut for Inter Miami was a memorable one as he started off the bench and finished with the game-winning free kick.
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arrival of Lionel Messi Is a perfect home run for MLS. We wrote earlier that whatever it would cost the league in total to bring Messi in would likely be worth it. He’s arguably the best player ever and he just won the World Cup, so playing in the United States means a lot for the game here. One thing that makes this different from when Pelé was a sensation is the Apple-ization of the world, where the video part of where one’s feet are located is not as important as it was in the late 70s. At the time, when Pele came on, you had to live in the United States to see him live on TV. The beauty of watching Pele was just for NASL fans. Now, anyone with an internet connection can watch Messi. Which is why Apple’s idea of ​​selling sports subscriptions works so well with Messi. That’s why he has the rare opportunity to take a cut of the money he earns from the membership. But this also increases the pressure on MLS. Since the goal of signing Messi was to become a world league, MLS needs to get better, so when Messi leaves, all those international and domestic fans who suddenly love MLS don’t go with him. All other top leagues around the world from Premiership to La Liga have also been digitized. Messi can’t be just another show on Apple TV+, like”ted lasso“It has to be a building block to make a lasting impact on the league. So the script for Friday’s movie was tremendous, the way it will work in the long run is as much about the rest of the team as it is about Messi.

return saturday?

Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff talks to the media at a news conference at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Saturday, January 09, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Although there is mutual interest in a reunion between Jeff Saturday and ESPN, the network’s belt-tightening layoffs may hinder it.
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ESPN would like jeff saturday to return, and while would like to return on Saturday, sources say it is still in discussion whether this will happen or not. Last year, Saturday famously left ESPN to become the Colts’ interim coach. After winning his opening game, he went on to lose seven games in a row. He was still considered for a full-time job, but did not get it. Now, he may return as an ESPN analyst; However, in light of recent layoffs and an eye on ESPN’s budget, the question is whether this will work.

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Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees gestures while running the bases after hitting a solo home run, his 62nd run of the season, during the first inning of the second baseball game of a doubleheader against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, Tuesday, Oct.  4, 2022. With the home run, Judge tied the AL record for home runs in a single season, surpassing Roger Maris.
Taking a trip down memory lane with Aaron Judge and his historic 2022 is a good way to forget what a disappointing 2023 the Yankees have had.

papa clicker writes like this brian hotch”62: aaron judge, “The New York Yankees and the Pursuit of Greatness” will help the Yankees and baseball fans, in general, get through Judge currently on the disabled list. Hoch describes Judge’s youth, his path to the Yankees, and his celebrated 2022 season in which he set a new American League record (62 home runs) and was named the 16th Yankees captain. Papa Clicker, my papa, Herbs MarchandGives Hotch a 4.2 out of 5 clickers.

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