Fans blame Skip Bayless for Shannon Sharpe’s ‘controversial’ split

The finger-pointing is already starting in the wake of the “undisputed” breakup.

After The Post’s Ryan Glaspiegel reported Wednesday that Shannon Sharpe would be exiting the FS1 series he co-hosts with Skip Bayless, fans took to Twitter to digest the seismic divide and blame.

“Good on Shannon Sharpe for getting away from Skip Bayless,” A user commented,

another commented again, “Shannon Sharpe has overtaken Skip Bayless. His future is bright.”

“So Shannon Sharpe is leaving Skip Bayless and #Undisputed I don’t blame him. You could tell Shannon was going to leave after that one nod from Hamlin’s tweet, ” a different user said,

The friction between Sharp, 54, and Bayless, 71, spilled into the public arena in January when Bayless’ security fell on the asphalt during a “Monday Night Football” game against the Hamlin Bengals.

Shannon Sharpe appears on “Undisputed” May 31, 2023.

Bayless came under fire for expressing concern over the AFC matchup being postponed as Hamlin received medical attention on the field.

“No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game – but how?” Bayless tweeted, “At the end of this season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the outcome of the regular-season … which suddenly seems so irrelevant.”

Sharpe was absent from “Undisputed” the next day, but returned a day later and blasted Bayless for her tweet.

appears on Skip Bayles
Skip Bayles appears on “Undisputed” May 31, 2023.

“There’s a lot of speculation as to why I wasn’t on-air yesterday, and I won’t get into speculation or conjecture and sarcasm, but I will say this: What happened to the asphalt, watching that game on Monday night at NFL Hall “Hamlin struck me a little differently,” the off-famer said in January.

“As a fraternity in the NFL, when injuries happen, and we know injuries are a part of the game … But I’ve never seen someone have to recuperate and fight for their lives on the field.”

Bayless apologized on Twitter earlier that week amid the backlash.

“Nothing is more important than the health of that young man. That was the gist of my last tweet. I’m sorry if this was misunderstood but his health matters. Then, everything else is irrelevant. I prayed for them and will continue to do so. he tweeted those days.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, installment on May 31, 2023
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, during the May 31, 2023 installment on “Undisputed.”

Sharp, who has been a part of “Undisputed” since 2016, has reached a buyout with Fox Sports, GlassPiegle reported.

His final show is expected to air after the 2023 NBA Finals end later this month.

While it’s unclear who will replace Sharpe, some on Twitter have begun to speculate about his next move.

“Shannon Sharpe Her First Day at First Take,” a user wrote With Sharpe’s “goat” inspired image.

Said another“A @ShannonSharpe vs. @stephenasmith debate show must-see TV.”

Prior to appearing on “Undisputed”, Bayless was famously featured on “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith.

Sharp and Bayless did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and neither did a Fox Sports spokeswoman.

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