Fans React To Anthony Richardson’s Pro Day Throwing Session

(Photo by Stacey Revere / Getty Images)

Anthony Richardson has been a talking point for NFL fans, scouts and analysts for the past few weeks.

The University of Florida QB drew mixed reviews throughout the season, with some praising his physical traits and others raising questions about his decision making.

Richardson’s draft stock rose significantly after the NFL Scouting Combine, to the point where some thought he could be a top-5 pick.

So, of course, all eyes were on him during Pro Day in Florida on Thursday afternoon, as it will give us a chance to catch a glimpse of his freakish athleticism in a controlled environment.

However, Richardson failed to impress with his drills, and fans weren’t quite sold on him as a potential NFL star.

We already know those drills can be difficult, and there’s a player you can’t afford to miss when it comes to drafting.

We’ve seen guys like Zach Wilson excel in their pro days and really struggle when it comes time to play, and vice versa.

But Richardson had several under-throws and wasn’t at his best in the place he’s used to training, and it won’t do much to help his case against those who try to pass his ball. Concerned about the condition and accuracy of.

He still has the potential to be a top-10 pick and the third QB off the board after Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.

But unless he turns out to be great, these clips from his pro day could come back to haunt him for years to come.

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