Fans React To Jaylen Brown’s Request For Celtics Fans

(Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics earned a needed win on Thursday night by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers, 95-86, and forcing a Game 7.

All eyes will be on TD Garden this Sunday as the Celtics and 76ers decide who reaches the Eastern Conference Finals.

After the big game on Thursday, Celtics star Jaylen Brown had a big request for fans.

He said the energy at their home field was “alright” during the postseason.

According to Jay King, Brown said, “I’m calling you guys out. Let’s make sure the Garden is ready to go… When the Garden is ready, nothing like this happens.”

Some people online fully agree with Brown that fans need to get excited.

But he added that the arena is “not really hard to motivate” and that he would respond accordingly with “effort plays” and “hustle”.

Others said that TD Garden really had no reason to get excited during the playoffs except for a few good games against the Atlanta Hawks and 76ers.

There have been many victories, but there have not been many moments when fans have been eager to cheer.

Some fans said they would be there in person on Sunday and promised their part of the arena would be loud and proud.

And many fans pleaded with others to make life tough and loud for the 76ers.

Few NBA moments have the energy that comes with a Game 7.

It seems Brown wants as much energy as the fans can bring.

Not only will this make it difficult for the Sixers to focus, but it will also give the Celtics energy and focus.

In a series that has been so close, it can make all the difference.

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