Fans React To Victor Wembanyama’s Summer League Debut

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

For several months now, San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Vembanyama has been battling the pressure of expectation.

On Friday night, he put up a fight against something else entirely: an actual NBA team.

Wembanyama made his Summer League debut in a game against the Charlotte Hornets, and thousands of rabid fans were in the stands eager to hear the young Frenchman be touted as the future of the league.

In the end, Vembanyama had a good but not great night, getting 9 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks.

Everyone knew that the reactions to Vembanayama’s first game were going to be immediate and strong.

Sure enough, Twitter was filled with people voicing their opinion about this official debut.

Some were harsher, calling Vembanayama a “future building work”.

The others were surprised by his less aggressive output and gave him a new nickname: “Victor”, declaring him the king of the bricks.

But many others called on fans to be patient with Vembanayama, saying he would improve his shooting as he gets more practice.

He said that his death was already impressive, which cannot be denied.

Additionally, he reminded others that his defensive prowess was also on full display, as evidenced by those five blocks.

Meanwhile, many weren’t intimidated by what they saw in Vembanayama, knowing it would take him some time to adjust to the speed and intensity of the NBA.

That’s exactly what Summer League is about: It lets young rookies hold their own and prepares them for a long, intense season.

After the game, Vembanyama himself said that he had room for improvement and was excited to build on his stamina, his strength, and his on-court skills.

It doesn’t look like he was shocked by what he did on Friday night.

He is not satisfied and wants to get much better and that is great news for Spurs fans.

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