Fans React To What Jay Williams Said About The Lakers

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The entire NBA world is talking about their victories over the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

Most striking is the fact that the entire roster played well and looked healthy and determined.

It’s got some wondering if the team is peaking at the right time and can have serious post-season success despite still struggling to make play-in games.

NBA analyst Jay Williams liked what he saw on Wednesday night and is making big claims about L.A.

“That’s a team last night that could win the world championship. Mark it,” Williams said on ESPN’s Get Up.

Williams was taking apart the team’s strong defense, Anthony Davis’ output, supporting players and the fact that — for now — the entire squad is healthy for the first time in a long time.

As you can imagine, many people online did not agree with Williams’ hot take.

“Yes, marked it like Titanic,” one user said with a laugh and a thumbs-down emoji.

Some argued that the Lakers’ schedule has been easier over the past month, which has helped propel them forward but not prepared them for the playoffs.

One user said, “I can’t believe they beat any top team 4 times out of 7.”

Many people can’t see this Lakers team defeating the Denver Nuggets, which is still the top team in the West.

Some fans applauded the Lakers but said analysts were too quick to say “this team is ready to take off before they even walk.”

These people suggested that the Lakers could be great over time but that they are not quite ready to win a championship just yet.

Finally, many people made a very obvious but fair point: The Lakers aren’t even in the playoffs.

He has to prove his mettle and actually make the postseason before Williams can be proved right or wrong.

The next few matches will be crucial for Los Angeles.

They’ve had a rough season, but things seem to be coming together when it matters most.

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