For Jets, Aaron Rodgers ‘everything’s different’ in 2023

A new shade of green means a big change for Aaron Rodgers new york jets

What’s different for a team with the former Packers quarterback and four-time MVP? An easier question to answer may be: what isn’t?

“He is a coach who can still play football,” jet Coach Robert Saleh said this on Thursday on his second day of training camp with Rodgers. “He’s very observant. He’s watching everything. He’s very involved. And not just with his teammates and coaches, but with everybody, and that includes the people upstairs, the chefs, the equipment people. He’s a world-class human being.

jet Rodgers, acquired via trade from the Packers, and demoted former top draft pick Zach Wilson. Wilson was benched last season but remains on the team while he “learns to be an NFL quarterback,” a message Saleh reiterated Thursday.

Rodgers as QB1 jet High hopes and energy for players of all ages, including many former teammates and coaches who came to New York

Cornerback DJ Reed said 2023 has a different feel and it has a lot to do with the quarterback.

Reed said, “Won’t lie, the energy just feels different.” “We got Aaron Rodgers. We got some of our core guys back. We just signed (defensive tackle) Quinnen Williams.”

Rodgers’ goals for 2023 go well beyond turning up the energy in the jersey.

“You want to be part of a place where there’s a lot of expectation. There’s a lot of positivity around here, which is a good thing,” Rodgers said Thursday. “With all positivity people try to drag you down a bit. … We have to handle it the right way.”

He will turn 40 in December, when jet I hope to chase the AFC East division title and fight for home-field advantage. But Rodgers said he has learned to be patient, and shared that message with second-year receiver Garrett Wilson and others on the field.

Rodgers said, “We have to get over the expectations, focus on the little things. There’s a lot of excitement. It’s fun.” “If we want to play in January, we have to be consistent throughout the season.”

After reporting at the 1265 Lombardi address for training camp for nearly two decades, Rodgers said that “everything is different in the 19 years” since attending 1995. jet To drive

“We’re just building this thing,” Rodgers said. “We’re building it the right way… When it comes to the ball, there’s a right way to do things and a way that can slow us down.”

wide receiver Allen Lazard, who signed with jet After being a Rodgers teammate in Green Bay, the team noticed another familiar face at the facility: offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett is entering his first year jet‘play-caller but highly synchronized with Rodgers of his time with the Packers

Lazard said that the offense established by Hackett was not the Packers’ system. “It’s Aaron Rodgers’ crime,” he said Thursday. “The entire playbook is open at any time.”

The Rodgers Effect has caught up to veterans as well, including inside linebacker CJ Mosley. The 31-year-old senior defense politician said the “hard knocks” cameras are not the biggest difference in the camp.

“Obviously we have a big name here in Aaron Rodgers,” Mosley said. “You can feel a lot of screws and bolts being tightened, but that’s to be expected because of the name and the weight of it. Everyone is excited top to bottom — the coaches, the players, and you can talk to anyone in the building and everyone will have the same mindset and enthusiasm.”

–Field Level Media

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