Former Escort Claims Alleged Long Island Serial Killer Who “went to Talk” About Gilgo Beach Murders During a Date! Perez Hilton

A woman claims she narrowly escaped becoming the next victim of the Gilgo Beach murder suspect!

in an interview with New York Daily News on Tuesday, nicole messing It was revealed she was in a relationship with the alleged Long Island serial killer rex hurman eight years ago. In 2015, she told the outlet that she has joined websites like viewfinder And previous page hooking up with and going on dates with wealthy men to feed her opiates addiction. It was through one of these sites that she came into contact with Heuermann.

Although the 59-year-old reportedly wanted to meet her in a hotel room near Massapequa Park, Nicole was uncomfortable with the idea. She says the couple finally agreed to have dinner steam bath Seafood restaurant in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Although the date initially seemed “perfectly normal”, it took a sinister turn when he brought up the Gilgo Beach murders. Nicole recalled:

“He asked me if I was really a crime fan… We talked briefly about other serial killers, and then he said, ‘Have you heard of the Gilgo Beach murders?’ Then it got really weird.

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She claimed that Heuermann immediately became agitated and animated when they discussed the murders. In fact, Nichols said he appeared to be “loose” in the discussion, revealing details about the murders that he had never heard about after news of the 2010 murders broke. She recalled that the architect had brought up a victim she knew nothing about, adding that “it sounded like he was talking about it from experience, not perspective.” Nicole said:

“It doesn’t look like a person feels bad when he talks about the victims. It seemed like someone really wanted to brag about what they were doing, but just couldn’t. When he spoke, his body language changed, his eye expressions changed, and it seemed that talking about the victims was fun for him.

The whole experience was very upsetting for Nicole – to the point that she tried to end dinner early. However, she says that Heuermann couldn’t take the hint. He reportedly urged her to accompany him to the hotel room he had booked for that night. Luckily, according to her, she was able to escape before anything happened. Nicole says she did not report the incident to the police because she was on parole at the time for a conviction for a drug offense.

Luck was also with him, as years after this alleged nightmare, Heuermann was arrested for the murder of three women and named the prime suspect in the death of another. If he is the serial killer, that means it is likely that Nicole would have been another victim if she had gone with him that night! Hell, even if he didn’t! Very scary! Comments, Perezius readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Nicole Brass/Instagram]

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