Game Rewind: Alabama suffers 34-24 loss to Texas

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama suffered its first loss in Bryant-Denny Stadium since 2019. In a highly anticipated brawl between two top teams in the country, the Texas Longhorns ultimately came out on top 34-24 on Saturday night.


Scoring summary:

—FIELD GOAL Texas: Bert Auburn 32-yard field goal (10 plays, 26 yards, 03:45)

Alabama 0, Texas 3 | 4:42

Key play: Malik Benson converts a fourth down conversion after making a leaping grab over the middle for the first down. The play resulted in Alabama reaching field goal position to set up Will Reichard’s field goal, and Alabama’s first points of the game.

Player of the quarter:Jase McClellan leads Alabama in rushing and receiving yards at the end of the quarter with 36 yards on 6 carries, and 1 reception for 12 yards. McClellan played a crucial role in Alabama’s final drive of the quarter, almost reaching the red zone before time ran out.


Scoring summary:

—FIELD GOAL Alabama: Will Reichard 42-yard field goal (12 plays, 51 yards, 04:47)

Alabama 3, Texas 3 | 14:55

—TOUCHDOWN Texas: Quinn Ewers 42-yard pass to Xavier Worthy (4 plays, 75 yards, 01:29)

Texas 10, Alabama 3 | 13:26

—FIELD GOAL Texas: Bert Auburn 29-yard field goal (14 plays, 82 yards, 06:25)

Texas 13, Alabama 3 | 4:05

Key play: Milroe completes a 28-yard pass to Kobe Prentice after escaping the pressure in the pocket. The play resulted in a huge first down and eventually led to the Crimson Tide reaching the red zone once again.

Player of the quarter:Kobe Prentice provided some much needed life in the Alabama offense after completing two back-to-back completions for 43 yards combined. Prentice’s completions resulted in a red zone opportunity for Reichard to hit his second field goal of the night.


Scoring summary:

—FIELD GOAL: Will Reichard 51-yard field goal (7 plays, 42 yards, 03:56)

Texas 13, Alabama 9 | 11:04

—TOUCHDOWN: Jalen Milroe 49-yard pass to Jermaine Burton (5 plays, 59 yards, 02:38)

Alabama 16, Texas 13 | 0:14

Key play:With time winding down in the third quarter, Milroe escapes pressure and delivers a near 50-yard bomb to Jermaine Burton in stride for the end zone. Burton’s touchdown allowed the Crimson Tide to take the lead for the first time in the ball game.

Player of the quarter: Jalen Milroe goes 3 for 5 through the air in the quarter for a whopping 92 passing yards, including a 49-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Burton. Milroe’s third quarter allowed for Alabama to take the upper hand.


Scoring summary:

—TOUCHDOWN: Quinn Ewers 7-yard pass to Adonai Mitchell (3 plays, 75 yards, 01:09)

Texas 20, Alabama 16 | 14:05

—TOUCHDOWN: Jonathon Brooks 5-yard rush (1 play, 5 yards, 0:04)

Texas 27, Alabama 16 | 13:50

—TOUCHDOWN: Jalen Milroe 39-yard pass to Amari Niblack (6 plays, 75 yards, 0:42)

Milroe to Bond 2pt conversion

Texas 27, Alabama 24 | 11:08

—TOUCHDOWN: Quinn Ewers 39-yard pass to Adonai Mitchell (7 plays, 75 yards, 2:45)

Texas 34, Alabama 24 | 8:23

Key play: Jalen Milroe completes a 39-yard touchdown pass to Amari Niblack to bring the game within three points. Niblack caught the pass over the middle and sprinted to the outside corner to reach the end zone

Player of the quarter:

Quinn Ewers continued to make excellent reads for the Longhorns and delivered another two touchdown passes. Ewers final two touchdowns were the nail in the coffin for the matchup.


Will Reichard — Alabama would not have been in this game at all if it weren’t for Reichard’s three consecutive field goals for Alabama’s first nine points of the game. Reichard went 3 for 3 including a 51-yard field goal at the 11 minute mark in the third quarter.

Caleb Downs — Once again, the true freshman continues to put up numbers with his tackles. Downs was tied for first in tackles on the Crimson Tide defense with 10. Downs was also responsible for one of two Longhorn fumbles in the matchup.

Kobe Prentice — When Alabama needed offensive life the most, Prentice came through on back to back plays in the second quarter which led to Reichard’s second field goal. Prentice finished with 5 receptions for 68 yards.

Trezman Marshall — Marshall was also all over the defensive side of the ball and racked up 10 total tackles against the Longhorns. After only making 4 tackles against Middle Tennessee State last week, Marshall was much more active around the field.

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