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GB Boxing has announced its team for the upcoming European Games in Krakow, boxing’s first Olympic qualification event ahead of Paris 2024.

The boxing tournament at the European Games begins on June 23 and will be the first to qualify for next year’s Summer Olympics in France.

Olympic qualification is starting at a time of unresolved turmoil in the sport. Boxing’s future at the Olympics hangs in the balance. The International Olympic Committee has dropped boxing from the program for the 2028 Games due to long-standing concerns with governing body IBA and the scandals affecting the sport.

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A new International Boxing Federation has been launched by a collection of leaders from national federations around the world, including Great Britain, to ensure boxing remains an Olympic sport.

This eventually prompted the formation of the new breakaway group World Boxing, supported by countries including Great Britain, which hoped to replace the IBA as an international federation, gain recognition from the IOC, and restore boxing’s place in the Games.

Britain is one of the countries that boycotted the IBA’s men’s and women’s world championships and GB boxers have had to prepare themselves by entering other tournaments on the international circuit.

GB had an outstanding team at the Tokyo Games, winning six medals overall, the best tally for a British Olympic boxing team in over a century.

But the only Olympian returning to the team this European Games is Charlie Davison, the Lowestoft mum of three, who has weighed in at 54kg.

“Selection is always a difficult and nervous time as you train very hard in the lead up to it so I am grateful for this opportunity. This will be my first European Games so I want to enjoy every moment and make Make sure I box to the best of my ability and make sure all the hard training pays off,” Davison said.

Charlie Davison
Charlie Davison qualifies for Tokyo Olympics in last round

“Having been to an Olympics, I have tasted what it is like, so it behooves me to get that chance again and go one step further this time and get a medal. I believe I can able to achieve on my own.” On that podium, I now have experience from Tokyo and other international tournaments over the years.

“The European Games are the first step in that direction, so it will just be about getting in the ring, boxing as I am and naturally and then hopefully the qualification comes with it.”

GB’s group of six women boxers includes 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medalist Rosie Eccles in 66kg, Demi Jade Reszton, who won silver in 50kg at Birmingham 2022, Elise Glynn in 57kg, Shona Whitwell in 60kg and 75kg Featuring Keri Davis.

Wales’s Eccles said: “To be able to go out there and have the chance to qualify for the Olympics, which is only a year away, is really exciting. It’s what I’ve been aiming for since I was eight years old so Krakow To qualify for the Games in 2016 would be amazing and a dream come true.”

The seven men selected include 2022 European gold medalist Haris Akbar (71kg) and three Birmingham 2022 gold medalists Tasty Ori (92kg), Lewis Williams (92kg) and Scotland’s Reece Lynch (63.5kg), who have qualified for the 2021 Also won the world bronze medal. ,

Ori had a message of inspiration for his hometown crowd.
Ori won the Commonwealth Games in front of his hometown crowd.

Joining them are Kieran McDonald (51kg) and Taylor Bevan (80kg), who won silver medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

An exciting newcomer to the team, Jack Dryden (57kg) completed the men’s team.

Scotland’s Reese Lynch said: “It’s fantastic to be selected for the European Games and I’m so excited to get out there. Being an Olympian was my goal when I came to GB Boxing, so now it’s time to make it a reality.” There’s a chance to make that a reality.” And to win my first European medal would be very special.

“Over the last 18 months I have been through some major tournaments as well as some intensive training camps and have had the opportunity to test myself against some of the best players around the world. That exposure can only help me. She’s going to.” Grow and develop as a boxer and I am sure that will help me going to the European Games.”

Ngamba to box for Fair Chance refugee team

Cindy Ngamba, who trains with the GB squad, will go to the European Games as part of the Fair Chance Refugee team.

Ngamba was born in Cameroon, but grew up in Britain. She has been granted refugee status and is trying to resolve her citizenship so she can eventually represent GB, whose coaches and support staff will work with her at these European Games.

Cindy Ngamba (Photo: Andy Chubb/GB Boxing)
Cindy Ngamba will box at the European Games for the Fair Chance team (Photo: Andy Chubb/GB Boxing)

“I’m grateful to GB because if it wasn’t for them the refugee team wouldn’t have been able to help me and give me a scholarship to travel and go to training camps with GB,” she previously told sky game,

“Standing on the podium with my medal and saying I competed for my country, I won a medal for my country. It’s the most beautiful thing.”

“It’s my dream. All I have to do is just keep working hard.”

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