Grayson Waller felt comfortable with ‘microphone measuring stick’ John Cena at Money in the Bank

Grayson Waller Got A Tough Break — Literally — When He Was Drafted smack down With the last pick in the 2023 WWE Draft, he was halfway through his match with Carmelo Hayes recovering from a broken leg and thus, couldn’t really mix with his fellow main roster members in the ring with his fellow cast members.

Granted now, Waller was able to make it work, as the 33-year-old Sydney native had spent years mastering the art of the professional wrestling talk show grayson waller effecta show that he brought smack down Within weeks of his arrival on the main roster, however, the show received mixed reviews from fans who were not familiar with the “cocky Australian”‘s efforts in the ring.

Luckily, Waller’s leg healed, and he got his chance to make a prominent appearance in the WW Universe. money in the bank Going down one on the microphone in front of John Cena in the ring and ultimately living to tell the tale.

Sitting down for an interview with Ariel Helwani on MMA Hour, Waller explained what it felt like to stand in front of the leader of “The Sensation” and why he didn’t get the chance Embarrassed in front of him like Austin Theory,

“The weird thing is, I feel like I’ve been there before, because I put so much effort into what I do. I work very hard. If you don’t mind I haven’t thought about what I would say to John Cena if I were standing in front of him, I’ve thought about it many times,” Grayson Waller said via Fightful. “It’s so weird. Me and Carmelo Hayes talked about it a few weeks ago. ‘If you’re ever there with Cena and he comes up to you.’ We all have seen Cena attack people before. He doesn’t back down. He’ll tell you what he thinks. I really like this thing about him. He’s the measuring stick on the microphone, and he tests people. You look at what he did with (Austin) Theory at the beginning of the year. He was testing the theory, the way he talked to her and kept at it. I have thought about that moment many times. I felt absolutely at ease when I got there. I’ve thought about being in front of you, your music doesn’t scare me, your standing here doesn’t scare me. this is where I belong. That’s the attitude I take with these things and that’s why I look so comfortable. I work hard. Nights like these are easy for me. These are the nights I get to enjoy.

Did Waller accomplish his goal? Broadly speaking, the answer to that question is probably yes, but what did Waller think of his efforts? Well, Helwani asked the same question and got an answer that was perfect for an “arrogant Aussie”.

Grayson Waller is proud of his efforts against John Cena money in the bank,

discuss their actual performance money in the bankGrayson Waller stated that, in his opinion, he was able to prove who he was and silenced some doubters who thought he would only become a talk show host.

“I feel the same way. I don’t think I’m happy with what I do. I think I showed a lot of people who I was,” Waller said. “I know people online were complaining, ‘Oh, she’s a talk show host now.’ People did not know that I was hurt. ‘What is he doing, he does not belong there.’ All of a sudden, everyone turns on because it’s so easy to change fans. Now it’s like, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ Get off the bandwagon, I don’t need you by my side. I think I’ve proved myself not only to the people online, but to the people backstage. Nobody knew John was there. I’ve been walking around all day, and people say, ‘Why is he here? The SmackDown crew flew home yesterday.’ ‘just hanging out.’ Obviously, someone was hiding in the halls of the O2 Arena.

Did Waller “swim” against Cena? money in the bankOr did he instead become the victim of a “champion” like his first theory, who arguably still hasn’t recovered from his promo fight wrestlemania 39 Till today? Based on the opportunities Waller has gotten, which included wrestling Edge in an actual barnburner at Madison Square Garden and then transitioning to a digital-only — at least for now — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it’s safe to say the “arrogant Aussie” has a fan following in the booking department.

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