Gwendlyn Brown: My dad and Robyn were late to my wedding and didn’t speak to anyone!

The mystery is over.

But the controversy continues.

earlier this month, Gwendlyn Brown marries Beatriz Queiroz in Flagstaff, Arizona.

It was a blessed event, but it was also fueled by the notion that Cody Brown had rejected his daughter for not being in family photos.

However, it turns out Cody Did attend the reception… although he did not celebrate Gwendlyn and/or their union in any way via social media.

Now, in a new YouTube video, the 21-year-old has detailed what happened on her wedding day between her, her father, his wife Robyn, and other guests in attendance.

“My father and Robin were there. They’re two hours late and just hang around,” Gwendlyn told customers over the weekend.

They missed out on family photos because of their late arrival, adding that no one at the party really spoke to the couple.


Except for one competitor.

“Mykelti was obviously very excited to see him, because she loves interacting with him,” Gwendlyn explained.

“And they started babysitting her, which is very convenient…so we kind of had free babysitting services.”

The newlywed further confirmed that she had invited Cody and Robyn, but also that several of the other guests were not happy to see them.

Gwendlyn Brown is married! He shared this photo online to celebrate the achievement. (Instagram)

“Some people were upset that he was there because they didn’t know I said, ‘Yeah, you can come,'” Gwen said in the video.

“So some people said, ‘How dare you come out?’ But otherwise it was fine. [Those people] He didn’t say this on his face.

“No one says bad things to people’s faces. They just gossip about it behind their backs.”

Of course, Gwendlyn has been saying pretty harsh things about Cody for several months now…often using the same YouTube channel. to destroy him as a parent,


gwendlin made that too negative feelings about robin Very famous, but handled his presence at the wedding in a proper and mature manner.

“It was cold. I hugged her and everyone said, “Gwendlyn, that was so shocking!” And I thought, ‘I’m going to hug my guests,'” she said via YouTube.

“I felt like I had to extend an olive branch, especially since I wasn’t on my best behavior with her on camera.

“I was like, ‘I’m just going to give her a little hug.'”


Gwen also said that she actually didn’t get any pictures with her dad on their wedding day, which is really, really depressing when you think about it.

“I don’t think my father had time to take a picture with me,” he said. ‘However, it is ridiculous. I should have let this happen.”

as mentioned earlier, sister wives season 18 Starts Sunday, August 20 at 10/9.

I have to imagine we’ll learn even more about Cody’s relationship with his daughter when the show returns.

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