Honkai Star Rail – Arlan skills, ingredients, marks, and more

Arlan is a playable character in Honkai Star Rail. Check out Arlan skills, ingredients, marks and more here.

Honkai Star Rail – Arlan

“Head of the Security Department of the Herta Space Station. This quiet boy hopes to protect researchers who value the pursuit of knowledge, and help them get their work done.

Arlan Herta is the head of security at the space station, and we meet him long before the Honkai Star Rail story.

As a playable character, he is a 4 star power character following the path of Destruction, In Arlan’s case, his kit revolves around consuming his own HP to use his skills, rather than a skill point.

they have voiced Dani Chambers In English voiceover. Chambers voiced Nilo from Genshin Impact, Becky Blackbell from Spy X Family, and Chise Hattori from The Ancient Magus’ Pride, among her many roles in the games and anime.

Ryoko Shiraishi Arlan is the VA for the Japanese voiceovers. She has voiced Asuka Kazama from the Tekken series since Tekken 5, Devola and Popola from the Nier series, Hikage from the Senran Kagura series and many more.

Arlan Banner History

  • A Lost Soul (Version 1.2: July 19 – August 9, 2023)

Arlan Ascension Content

To fully level Arlan to level 80, you will need the following:

  • Fragmentum Monster Drops:
    • 12 quenched core
    • 13 Shimmering Core
    • 12 Jumping Core
  • 50 Lightning Crown Of Shadows Past
  • 826,200 credits
  • (anything equivalent to it) 5,797,920 EXP:
    • 289 Traveler’s Guide
    • 3 adventure logs
    • 3 Travel Encounters

Arlan Skills Content

To raise all of his skills (Basic ATK to 6, Skill, Ultimate and Talent to 10) the following items are needed:

  • Fragmentum Monster Drops:
    • 22 quenched core
    • 25 Shimmering Core
    • 30 jump core
  • Calyx (storage area) falls:
    • 8 Scattered Blades
    • 42 lifeless blades
    • 77 Worldbreaker Blade
  • Echo of War (Doomsday Beast) drops:
  • destiny 3 tracks
  • 1,758,000 credits

Arlan Trace Content

The following ingredients will be needed to activate all of his Traces:

  • Fragmentum Monster Drops:
    • 6 quenched core
    • 7 Shimmering Core
    • 12 Jumping Core
  • Calyx (storage area) falls:
    • 4 Broken Blade
    • 12 lifeless blades
    • 8 worldbreaker blades
  • Echoes of War:
  • 2 tracks of fate
  • 642,000 credits

Arlan Kaushal

The mana below are each skill at level 1.

basic attack power rush (single target)

  • Energy Regeneration: 20
  • Break Weakness: 30
  • Deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Arlan’s ATK to a single enemy.
  • Deals minor Lightning DMG to a single enemy.

Skill – handcuff breaker (single target)

  • Energy Regeneration: 30
  • Break Weakness: 60
  • Consumes Arlan’s HP equal to 15% of his max HP to deal a single enemy Lightning DMG equal to 120% of Arlan’s ATK. If Arlan does not have enough HP, his HP will decrease to 1 after he uses his skill.
  • Dealing Lightning DMG to a single enemy consumes a portion of HP.

Last – insane punishment (blast)

  • Energy Regeneration: 5
  • Break Weakness: 60
  • Deals Lightning DMG equal to 192% of Arlan’s ATK to a single enemy and Lightning DMG equal to 96% of Arlan’s ATK to adjacent enemies.
  • Deals massive Lightning DMG to a single enemy and Lightning DMG to adjacent enemies.

Talent – pain and anger (Increase)

  • Increases Arlan’s DMG up to a maximum of 90% more DMG for each percentage of HP below his maximum HP.
  • Increases DMG based on current percentage of self lost HP.

Technique- Swift Harvest

  • Attacks the enemy immediately. Upon entering battle, Lightning deals DMG equal to 80% of Arlan’s ATK to all enemies.
  • Attacks the enemy. After entering combat, deals minor Lightning DMG to all enemies.

Arlan Traces

Indentation means dependency.

Revive (requires Ascension 2) – If the current HP percentage is 30% or less when defeating an enemy, instantly restores HP equal to 20% of maximum HP.

  • Effect RES +4% (requires Ascension 2)
    • ATK +4% (requires Ascension 3)
      • Max HP +4% (requires Ascension 3)

Stamina (requires Ascension 4) – Increases chance to resist DoT debuffs by 50%.

  • ATK +6% (requires Ascension 4)
    • Effect Res +6% (requires Ascension 5)
      • ATK +6% (requires Ascension 5)

Repel (requires Ascension 6) – Upon entering combat, if Arlan’s HP is less than or equal to 50%, he may nullify all DMG received except DoTs unless he is attacked.

  • Max HP +6% (requires Ascension 6)
    • Effect Res +8% (Requires Lv. 75)
      • ATK +8% (requires Lv. 80)

ATK +4%

Arlan Eidolon

Bitter end

  • When HP is less than or equal to 50% of max HP, the skill’s DMG is increased by 10%.

breaking free

  • Using a skill or ultimate takes away 1 debuff from itself.

through the power through the power

  • Kaushal Love. +2, up to max Lv. 15.
  • Basic ATK Love. +1, up to max Lv. 10.

turn the tables

  • When dealt a killing blow after entering combat, instead of being knocked down, Arlan immediately restores his HP to 25% of his Max HP. This effect is automatically removed once triggered or after 2 turns have passed.

hammer and tongs

  • ultimate love +2, up to max Lv. 15.
  • Pratibha Love. +2, up to max Lv. 15.


  • Ultimate deals 20% more DMG when HP drops to 50% or less. The DMG multiplier for DMG taken by the target enemy is now also applied to nearby enemies.

Official Arlan Introduction

“I am proud of my wounds. They’re a reminder to be able to protect everyone.”

Vague head of the Herta space station’s security department.

While scientific research is beyond his grasp, Arlan is willing to risk his life to protect the employees who value research so much. He is used to the pain and wears his wounds like a badge of honor.

Only after Peppy is caught does the boy finally let go of his vigilance and shows a rare smile.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for iOS, Android, Windows PC and the Epic Games Store.

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