Honkai Star Rails – Kafka skills, content, traces, and more

Here’s everything we know about the handsome Stellaron Hunter Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail, including his skills, materials, mark, and more.

Honkai: Star Rail – Kafka

“A member of the Stellaron Hunters. A flamboyant, collected and professional beauty. The Spirit Whisperer’s magic is used to set up the Trailblazer to absorb Stellaron. Her hobby is shopping and organizing her collection of coats.

Kafka is another character that Hoyverse is using to promote the game, appearing in its launch trailer and elsewhere. in the game, he is a 5 star power character, and his path is Void, Members of this path are primarily known as debuff characters, who apply stat-reducing debuffs as well as DoTs on the enemy team.

Although he’s the first character you’ll meet in Honkai Star Rail, as well as the tutorial character, players won’t be able to warp to him until a while later. However, recent leaks have revealed that she will be coming to Honkai Star Rail during version 1.2. Additionally, a recent livestream confirmed this leak, showing that Kafka will be available with Blade during the upcoming version 1.2. If you’ve been waiting for Kafka to arrive since launch, here’s your chance to get it.

In the English voiceover, she is voiced by Cheryl Teixeira, who played Jane Ponderosa in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as well as Katy Hart from Girl Meets World. Ito Shizuka voices Kafka’s Japanese voice. Shizuka is a prominent voice actress, having also voiced Astra from Fate/Grand Order, Emma from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Schwarz from Arkanites, and Yotsuyu from Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion.

It’s important to note that version 1.2 introduces a new weekly boss that will remove advanced trace content for Kafka: Regret of Infinite Okema. This is the regret of Ananta Okema. Due to this, players will not be able to pre-farm Kafka for trace material. They will need to complete the latest main story questline in order to max out Kafka’s Traces.

kafka ascension content

To fully level up Kafka to Level 80, you will need the following:

  • VoidRanger: Reaver Drops:
    • 15 Thief’s Tendency
    • 15 usurer’s scheme
    • 15 Winner’s Will
  • 65 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
  • 308,000 credits
  • (anything equivalent to it) 5,797,920 EXP:
    • 289 Traveler’s Guide
    • 3 adventure log
    • 3 Travel Encounters

kafka skills material

Maxing out all of Kafka’s skills (Basic ATK to 6, Skill, Ultimate and Talent to 10) will require the following ingredients:

  • VoidRanger: Reaver Drops:
    • 33 Thief’s Tendency
    • 46 usurper’s plan
    • 28 Winner’s Will
  • Calyx Drops:
    • 12 Obsidian of Fear
    • 53 Desolate Obsidian
    • 101 Obsidian of Obsession
  • Echoes of War:
    • 9 Anant Okema’s Regret
  • 6 tracks of luck
  • 2,197,500 credits

kafka trace content

Activating full Kafka will require the following components:

  • VoidRanger: Reaver Drops:
    • 9 Thief’s Tendency
    • 10 usurper’s plan
    • 30 Winner’s Will
  • Calyx Drops:
    • 6 Obsidian of Fear
    • 16 Desolate Obsidian
    • 38 obsidian of passion
  • Echoes of War:
    • 3 Anant Okema’s Regret
  • destiny’s 5 tracks
  • 825,500 credits

kafka skills

The mana below are each skill at level 1.

basic attack midnight ruckus (single target)

  • Deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK to a single enemy.

Skill – loving moonlight (blast)

  • Deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% of Kafka’s ATK to the target enemy and Lightning DMG equal to 30% of Kafka’s ATK to nearby enemies.
  • If the target enemy is currently receiving DoTs, all DoTs currently placed on that enemy immediately produce DMG equal to 80% of their original DMG.

Last – twilight trill (AOE ATK)

  • Provides Lightning DMG equal to 48% of Kafka’s ATK to all enemies with 100% base chance To stun enemies and take DMG equal to 80% DoT immediately. The blow lasts for 2 turns.
  • When stunned, enemies receive a DOT of Lightning equal to 75% of Kafka’s ATK at the start of each turn.
  • Energy Cost: 120

Talent – gentle but cruel (single target)

  • After a Kafka ally uses Basic ATK on an enemy, Kafka immediately launches 1 follow up attack and deals Lightning DMG equal to 60% of its ATK to that enemy, with a base chance of 100% to increase DOT by 15% for 2 turns. This effect can be triggered only 1 time per turn.

Technique- mercy is not forgiveness

  • Attacks the enemy immediately. After entering combat, he deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK to a random enemy. Also, all enemies have 100% base chance Get shocked for 3 turns.
  • When stunned, enemies receive a Lightning DOT equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK at the start of each turn.

traces of kafka

Torture – When telcos immediately assign DMG to enemies due to Kafka’s skill or ultimate, their DMG multiplier increases proportionally. The increased ratio is equivalent to 15% of Kafka’s brake effect, up to a maximum of 30%.

  • Break Effect +5.3% (requires mounting)
    • ATK +4% (requires ascendancy)
      • HP +4% (requires ascendancy)

Loot – If an enemy is defeated in shock, Kafka regenerates an additional 5 energy.

  • ATK +6% (requires ascendancy)
    • Break Effect +8% (requires mount)
      • ATK +6% (requires ascendancy)

Thorns – The talent has a 20% increased base chance to increase the DoT that enemies receive. Ultimate has a 20% increased base chance to shock enemies.

  • HP +6% (requires ascendancy)
  • Break Effect +10.7% (requires level 75)

ATK +4% (requires level 1)

  • ATK +8% (requires level 80)

kafka eidolon

da Capo

  • When using Ultimates, instead of receiving DMG immediately from Shock status, enemies will now receive DMG immediately from all currently applicable DOT sources.


  • Break Weakness ability increased by 50%.


  • Kaushal Love. +2, up to max Lv. 15.
  • Basic ATK Love. +1, up to max Lv. 10.


  • The duration of the increased DoT caused by the talent is extended by 1 turn. This effect is stackable and can be stacked up to 2 times.


  • ultimate love +2, up to max Lv. 15.
  • Pratibha Love. +2, up to max Lv. 15.


  • Ultimate increases the DMG multiplier of Shock DMG dealt to enemies by 100% and extends the duration of the Shock for 1 turn.

official kafka introduction

“On the Interstellar Peace Corporation’s wanted list, Kafka has only two things—his name, and one sentence: “Likes to collect coats.”

Little is known about this Stellaron Hunter except that he is one of the most trusted members of Destiny’s slave Elio.

To achieve Elio’s envisioned future, Kafka sets to work.

This is everything we know about Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail. Honkai: Star Rail releases on April 26, 2023, and is available on PC (via). official site Or epic games store, iOSAnd Android, Check out our gaming news articles for the latest gaming news.

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