Houston’s best move in 2023 NBA free agency

The Houston Rockets have been very busy this offseason, including the 2023 NBA Draft where they took Amen Thompson at No. 4 overall and Cam Whitmore comes in at no. 20. A week later, the Rockets picked up a Brinks truck in NBA free agency. When the market opened, Houston quickly took the money and signed point guard Fred VanVleet to a historic three-year, $130 million contract – which marked biggest deal for an undrafted player in NBA history.

A day later, the Rockets signed Dillon Brooks to a four-year, $86 million deal that could go up to $90 million in incentives. Houston also signed former Phoenix Suns big man Jock Landell to a four-year, $32 million contract, and veteran Jeff Green to a two-year, $16 million contract.

In total, that amounts to over a billion dollars given up by the Rockets in 2023 NBA free agency. Among the moves they made in free agency, the best move was the signing of Fred VanVleet.

Best Rockets move in NBA free agency: Fred VanVleet signing

Now, before you get out pitchforks and torches to complain about the price tag VanVelt signed his contract for, hear me out.

Sure, many people were stunned when they initially saw how much the Rockets point guard was getting for his new deal. It is not arguable that this is an overpayment on the part of Houston. Annualized, VanVleet is going to make a little over $43 million a season — a premium usually reserved for a top 20 player in the NBA, which, with no disrespect to FVV, is not a part of it.

Overpaid or not, the Rockets had the ability to max-pay VanVleet. Let them do that. They were also willing to pay that price for a player who wasn’t virtually ensuring them a playoff spot in the Western Conference carnage. But it was a deliberate move on his part. This indicates that they are at least serious about being competitive, which shows their integrity as an organization.

calculated move

the rockets knew it too WHO He was signing the VanVillet. No, they weren’t signing a superstar-caliber or franchise-changing player to carry them through the post-season. But they brought in a proven veteran who has been through it all and is one of the biggest underdog stories in the game.

There’s no doubt about it, the Rockets upgraded their roster this offseason, starting with signing VanVleet. They will not end up at the bottom of the standings like in the past few seasons. The 29-year-old, in particular, is going to help them win games.

More importantly, VanVleet will provide young stars on this team like Jalen Green, Alpern Seungun, Tari Eason and others with the guidance they need on how to become a true professional in the NBA and earn everything they deserve. they ever want to achieve. career. VanVleet is betting on himself he’ll bring that mindset to a young Rockets team that has been bereft of a true leader over the past few seasons.

The Rockets know they will be overpaying Fred VanVleet. They also know that Steady Freddy won’t be the guy to lead them to a postseason berth this season, or maybe even next. But they were willing to pay the price to bring in a player who could serve as an invaluable role model for the franchise as they work towards building on the youth infrastructure they have built over the last few seasons. and instilled in it the right winning attitude.

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