IB71 Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal’s spy-thriller is sharp, engaging and entertaining

IB71 is now playing in cinemas. (Photo Credits: IMDb)

Despite its (limited) flaws, The Ghazi Attack director Sankalp Reddy uncovers a great story for the audience and presents it in a way that is entertaining and captivating, and thus succeeds in its mission.

You know it’s a good patriotic thriller when you enter the theater and forget about your life beyond the soundproof walls. Sankalp Reddy IB71 Entertaining and thrilling enough for you to forget your life for a few minutes, but lest anyone forget the valor of the unsung heroes who have helped keep the country safe.

Starring Vidyut Jammwal in a never-before-seen role, the film follows an improbable, daring covert operation conducted by India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB), the agency guarding the country’s national security, that has killed over a thousand people. India won the third war against Pakistan, and resulted in the emergence of a new nation – Bangladesh.

Set in 1971, Ganga revolves around the hijacking, a staged operation by Indian intelligence in an attempt to block West Pakistan’s access to Indian airspace and hinder its military support to East Pakistan (which later became Bangladesh). Abduction. After losing two battles against the Indian Army, Pakistan was planning a major attack on India (in alliance with China) by flying its aircraft across the border, eastwards and then targeting the north-eastern Indian states. Meanwhile, two Kashmiri separatists, Qasim Qureshi and Ashfaq Qureshi, prepared to hijack an Indian airplane to demand the release of their fellow members from the Indian cell.

On receiving this intelligence, the IB agents hatched a plan which involved digging their own grave by putting 30 Indians on a plane along with two hijackers and landing them directly on the Pakistani side. Crazy, isn’t it? But the catch was that there were 30 passengers on board, including the crew, all Secret Service agents posing as passengers.

Inspired by this true story, which was made public only after a former spy agent revealed the true intent behind the kidnapping, Reddy’s directorial venture explores what really happened during this time, which helped prevent a major war. Did. Reddy wastes no time in setting up the plot. It doesn’t have any irrelevant characters or backstories for its main characters, which really helps keep the momentum going. We don’t need to know their past, all we need to know is that trouble is coming and our national security is at stake and how the solution was implemented to deal with it.

In that sense, the screenplay is crisp and to the point. While the intention behind the statement works, what doesn’t is that the authors make such an uncertain operation so easy. A thrill, to be sure – when time is ticking and the lives of 30 Indian agents at stake, which could have even more devastating ramifications – one will find themselves hooked on the edge of their seats, knowing full well that Should they all actually make it home, its method will still make your heart skip a beat — yet such moments are limited to its two-hour runtime. In the absence of such elements, one would find oneself questioning the absurdity of it all.

But perhaps what helps forgive this flaw is that the story never slows down. It never misses the finishing line and does everything it can to get there fast enough without compromising on the compelling elements. Costume designers Divya Gambhir and Nidhi Gambhir take us back to the 70s and paint a convincing picture of those times. However, one wishes that the CGI and visuals of the film were as convincing. Unfortunately, this was one aspect where IB71 failed miserably.

In terms of performance, interestingly, for Jammwal, he has a poker face. If there is one actor who is Bollywood’s fthe ancientIts action hero single-handedly facing a sea of ​​gangsters and doing so looking both cool and confident is Jammwal. A trained martial artist, Jamwal found his feet in action-oriented films, however, IB71 he gets a chance to get out of his Commando character, what does the audience relate to him best, and instead experiment more and hone your craft as an actor. And Jammwal really takes full advantage of this opportunity. Dev, as an IB officer, looks like Jammwal and plays the role with ease. Yes, he gets a chance to throw some kicks and show off his self defense skills here too, but IB71 Still gives him a chance to offer beyond that. Jammwal as Dev reminds Akshay Kumar of Ajay Singh Rajput Child, He brings out Kumar’s no-nonsense, outspoken and relentless personality of a soldier who doesn’t believe in the impossible, but he also brings out his own charm and delivers a gritty performance.

Anupam Kher stars as the IB chief and as always does not disappoint. But Vishal Jethwa is icing on the cake. The young actor plays the role of Qasim Qureshi and successfully conveys every emotion that the script demands of his character. Dragged into Kashmir’s separatist movement and wired with a certain idea of ​​independence in him from a young age, Jethwa expressed blind devotion at the age of 17, as well as displaying trepidation and trepidation when things went as planned. Did not happen according to The writers also infuse humor in the film and Jethwa works in comic sequences as well.

Despite its (limited) flaws, Reddy uncovers a great story for the audience and presents it in a way that is entertaining and captivating, and thus succeeds in its mission.

IB71 Now playing in cinemas.


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