Is Bad Bunny the Greatest Celebrity Wrestler of All Time?

Over the years, WWE has introduced many celebrities to the world of sports entertainment. Some celebrities come to play a character, while others come to wrestle. WWE has seen some impressive performances by celebrities over the years, but none more so than Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny is one of the biggest stars in music today. She has over 70 million monthly Spotify listeners and is one of the most famous stars on the planet. A star like him has no means to enter the wrestling ring, yet he has improved many times and continues to improve. Bad Bunny has only wrestled three matches in his WWE career but has left fans wanting more each time. Especially after his San Juan Street Fight win against Damian Priest, fans are looking forward to seeing Bad Bunny back in the ring very soon.

Since the company’s inception, in WWE, Mr. T, Stephen Amell, Shaquille O’Neal, Rob Gronkowski, Snoop Dogg, Drew Carey, and even Snooki step into the wrestling ring. Some of these performances were really good, while others were less than memorable. In the past two years, WWE has introduced two of the best celebrities to the wrestling ring: Logan Paul and Bad Bunny.

It’s incredible how well two outsiders can hold their own in a WWE ring when they care about what they’re doing. Many celebrities competing in WWE most likely did it for a quick check, not because they love wrestling. Although neither Logan Paul nor Bad Bunny have wrestling experience, they’ve got a passion for it. He loves wrestling, so he puts in the time and effort to make his matches memorable. I mean, Logan Paul signed a multi-year deal with WWE because of how good he is. If Bad Bunny weren’t one of the biggest artists in the world, I don’t think he would be far behind Paul.

Where does he rank among all the celebrity wrestlers who have fought in WWE? I believe the only person who can be put ahead of him is Logan Paul. But since Paul is now considered a WWE Superstar, I think it’s unfair to put him ahead of Bad Bunny. He’s only competed in three matches, but Bad Bunny has proven just how great he is in the ring. After seeing his performance at Backlash and the reaction of the crowd, WWE would be foolish not to at least try to sign Bad Bunny to a contract. Then again, he’s an international star with a lot of other responsibilities, but if WWE can lock him down for a handful of matches a year, they’ll have struck gold.

Unsurprisingly, fans love Bad Bunny, and he’s been great for business. The show was insane in Puerto Rico, and Bad Bunny deserves a lot of credit for that. The show centered around her, and it became one of the best PLEs in no time. The 29-year-old has a bright future in more ways than one. We hope to see him again in a WWE ring soon.

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