Jacksonville Jaguars coach Kevin Maxen doesn’t have to stay quiet about his personal life

are almost 400 coaches However, there have been openly gay male coaches on NFL staff. Absent from the active pool until Friday when Jacksonville Jaguars’ strength and conditioning coach Kevin Maxon came out outsports.com,

In an exclusive interview, Maxon talks about his struggle outsports, “I don’t want to feel like I have to think about it anymore. I don’t want to feel like I have to lie about who I’m seeing, or why I’m with someone else.

The NFL Likes To Homogenize Its Employees

The sheer size and scope of NFL rosters make it one of the most accurate representations of American masculinity, both for better and for worse. The tendency of its monochromatic delegation of owners pass over black of coordinators Even more symbolic for the society is the 32 head coaching jobs. try as they might, the Old Boys Club has tried For making women and minorities invisible for years. It may be ugly, but it’s honest.

The most common thing fans do when a player makes a public appearance is wink and nod, “We don’t care,Or complaining about their private life being exposed to the public light. The second most common complaint is some disparaging complaints about the LGBTQ community or that they do not want their children to be exposed to, a decade ago, Michael Sam deemed a distraction, Closed individuals are often traumatized by the blow to their personal and professional aspirations. NFL Fans Unofficial”keep this Teahey self” The reaction is part of that quiet fanaticism.

It is still difficult for gay men to get ahead in the ultra-masculine football world. Admittedly, the meritocracy we live in has a habit of excluding other individuals it does not deem acceptable. It’s only been 13 years since President Obama rescinded the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy. which prohibited discrimination against Secret Service members while openly gay, lesbian, Or a transgender person from the service.

For 20 years, DADT policies not only prevented gay service members from discussing their romantic lives, but also forced them to avoid any relationships or going on same-sex dates or being seen with members of the LGBTQ community. In the past decade, gay marriage passage and many social advances have resulted in LGBTQ Americans coming out double rate They did this in previous generations. It has also given rise to a growing wave of anti-Semitism, a cultural backlash towards the LGTQ community. and racial diversity in societies that display as much progress or basic respect as political correctness or chauvinism, if you’re a single-celled organism. maxon is also bThe Jew has a shortage, which makes him particularly vulnerable.

If you think we’ve gone past that in games, look no further than negative feedback on this Show of Support for Pride Month by NFL social media accounts.

Football celebrity cultures put the spotlight on the private lives of athletes.

Venn diagram of people who passionately dislike gay athletesflaunting his personal life,” who make fun of an athlete suspected closure And when an athlete, who has been pressured to live a certain way, reveals his truth to the world, the cry comes. circle. Nothing drives engagement on Twitter like another comment about Dwight Howard. Intolerant Athletes in Other Major Professional Sports They either don’t understand how much damage they are doing when they refuse to accept Pride Knights because of their personal beliefs or they just don’t care.

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Maxon also pointed to this sentiment by stating outsportS, “I don’t want to feel like I have to think about it anymore. I don’t want to feel like I have to lie about who I’m seeing, or why I’m with someone else. I want to be vocal in my support of people who want to live, but I just want to live and not feel scared about how people will react.

Chances are there are even more off High profile figures in the NFL hierarchy, but living a double life at the same time as it becomes more difficult to climb the ranks. It is much easier for a low-key assistant to lead a secret life than a high-profile head coach. Now that he’s established as a coach with the Jags, Maxon is somewhat rested, but he probably wouldn’t have the same level of security if this was the beginning of his career. Eventually, individuals locked in higher and higher up the ladder are beginning to feel more comfortable coming out.

It’s about them – you don’t

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