Jason Isbell and Jake Owen go for it on Jason Aldean’s controversial song! Perez Hilton

Jason Aldean Some of his fellow country music stars are battling!

As you know, the 46-year-old dropped the number try it in a small town Back in May. But it exploded last week when he released a brand new music video for the song — because it was shocking and controversial to say the least. Social media users criticized the footage, saying it was actually three minutes and nine seconds long in which he was inciting violence and glorifying fascism.

This song has got many people talking. And this even started an online war of words between the two musicians! The controversy started on Thursday as a singer-songwriter jason isbell Aldean has been called out for defending the content of the controversial single, even though he didn’t write it:

“Dare Aldean to write his own next single. That’s what we’re trying to do in our small town. Well there you go @Jason_Aldean. I challenge you to write yourself a song. all alone. If you’re an artist, create some art. I want to hear it.”

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He added:

“Seriously, how do you defend the content of a song you weren’t even prepared for? You just got it from your maker. If you were there when this was written, you would have been listed as an author. We all know how it works.”

Jason’s comments apparently haven’t gone down well with fellow cast members jack owen, They clapped back at Aldean for laughing via tweet rather than the 44-year-old’s face:

“Jason, you are always the first one to go behind your keyboard and spew this stupid nonsense. In ‘my little town’ you just go up to the guy and point at his face if you want a smoke…don’t tweet at him…tough guy.

Is this man really defending Aldean? Isbell did not stand up to criticism! He later dismissed the 41-year-old’s comments, saying:

“What really bothers me about this is that it says, ‘If you don’t believe you can physically overpower me, don’t disagree with me in public.’ What does this say to the people in your life who aren’t strong enough people to be quiet?”

And their heated argument didn’t stop there! Jake then gave a lengthy answer explaining why he was excited about songwriting:

“I have spent my entire career promoting positivity. In my shows, offstage, wherever I am. I do not like division or hatred. That’s why I replied to the previous tweet. Crap being me, I answered because I was offended by @JasonIsbell’s insistence that ‘if you don’t write your own songs you are less of a real artist or not…’

The singer explained that although he has written and recorded “many songs” over the years, he “doesn’t write everything to prove to myself or anyone else that I’m a ‘real artist'”. He continued:

“I bet @JasonIsbell is grateful that @MorganWallen recorded his song ‘Cover Me Up’… I am a fan of @JasonIsbell’s music. always been. I understand that his approach to things can be polarizing. I agree if I feel like a light blow is being given. The dagger of “write your own songs” touches me deeply because I think it’s the wrong way to encourage artists trying to make it, and to be honest, Jason Isbell has a great voice. He is respected. I know that I have earned a good income and am lucky enough to support my family, not because I am better than anyone else. I’m lucky… and I try to only record the best songs that I love. I think most actors do that. I was excited about the conversation because I am passionate about it. I’m listening to @JasonIsbell and @Jason_Aldean. In retrospect, I should have clarified right away, but my human emotions got in the way.


He missed part of Isabelle’s point. How can Aldean defend the song when he wasn’t in the room with the writers who wrote it? Because let’s face it, the people who say that the music video and lyrics are clearly pro-lynching, threatening people, promoting surveillance violence, and issuing anti-Black Lives Matter messages — well, they make a lot of good points about that! You can’t deny that this is really dangerous and confusing stuff.

But Perezius readers, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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