Jayson Tatum’s Unrealistic Game 6 Fourth Quarter Change Stunned Twitter

The ending of the script can completely change your perception about the first hour and a half of the movie. Check out The Usual Suspects or Fight Club. After the season with the Boston Celtics’ lives hanging in the balance and superstar’s reputations nearly in tatters, Jayson Tatum delivered his own epic plot twist in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers.

His massive struggles—5 of 21 from the floor, missed the first 11 shots—faded into obscurity, as his stellar performance in the fourth quarter quickly rendered the rest of the evening’s story irrelevant. His four made 3-pointers down the stretch not only secured the 95-86 win, but may also be the Tatum awakening fans are going through in this series.

That will be answered in Game 7 on Sunday. Until then, Twitter can finally come back to Earth, because the entire NBA world is still processing most impossible reversal Have you ever seen it in sports?

“Jason Tatum ruined and saved the season in the same game,” said Boston diehards solemnly.

An alternate ending that excluded a late barrage of threes and resulted in the Sixers reaching their first conference finals in 22 years was the director’s dire wish to cut Doc Rivers. But it would have put the Celtics’ all-NBA wing in a very different light, It may not be fair considering his importance to the franchise over the years, but Tatum would have been labeled a fraud by many if he hadn’t gone flabbergasted.

Twitter user Chi said, “Jason Tatum legitimately saved his legacy in 7 minutes, bro I’m speechless.”

Tatum finished with 19 points, nine rebounds, six assists, two steals and two blocks. Quite a stuffed stat sheet for someone who was an offensive liability on the night. It sounds like an alternate universe at first.

Boston hopes their star doesn’t get sucked back into that dire dimension in their do-or-die standoff with Philly.

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