Jeremy Allen White’s wife: all about marriage to Addison Timlin after she filed for divorce

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  • Addison Timlin is an actress best known for her roles in california weird thomas and the 2014 remake town scared of sunset,
  • Addison married Jeremy Allen White in 2019. She filed for divorce in 2023.
  • The couple has two daughters.

after four months Jeremy Allen White thanked the wife Addison Timlin, In his acceptance speech for the Golden Globes, his love was apparently dead. Addison, 31, filed for divorce on Thursday (May 11), ending her nearly four-year marriage to Jeremy Allen, 32. Everything seemed to be going well at the beginning of the year.

When White won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Television Series (for his role in Bear), Jeremy thanked his fellow nominees (“I’m in awe of you. You’re all legends. It’s because you’re good, so thank you, thank you very much”) and his wife. “I love you to my bones, thank you for everything you do, thank you for everything you do,” he said in January. 10. Function. People,

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Who is Jeremy Allen’s wife?

Jeremy Allen’s wife is Addison Timlin, an actress who “began her career with the 2000–2001 national tour of ‘Annie’,” according to her IMDb bio. Addison filled every orphan role before landing the role of Annie when she was nine years old. Her love of the stage continued in several productions of ‘Annie’, including at Peppermill Playhouse and the Theater of the Stars Tour. John Shook, Before going on to Broadway as Baby Louise starring in ‘Gypsy’ Bernadette Peters,

How old is Addison Timlin?

Edison was born on 29 June 1991. She will turn 32 in 2023.

How did Addison Timlin and Jeremy White meet?

Addison and Jeremy first met ten years before they married. Both were teenagers when they did the film in 2008 after school A drama about an ‘Internet-addicted pre-school student’ [that] Captures two girls’ drug overdoses on video camera. (H/t Us Weekly.) Five years after that film, Addison alluded to their relationship, tweeting, “I think I’ll spend my last day on this earth eating all my favorite types of cereal with a cute guy.” Will spend time eating comfortably together. Bed. Seat. Shore.

In a 2013 interview she said, “I have a boyfriend that I won’t reveal, but yes, he would be the man.” Harper’s Bazaar, “We had a good foundation being friends for a long time and then it took a hard turn into romance.”

After Jeremy won his Golden Globe, Addison shared a heartfelt note on Instagram. “When we were 14 and I saw you perform for the first time in drama class, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. if we had to check your rules shameless, I would have been so excited if I had known in advance what everyone on set would see the next day,” she wrote. “When I looked at the pilot Bear, I cried my heart out. I guess somewhere I should have known how much life was about to change, but mostly I just knew that the world was about to find out what I always knew.

“What a privilege to be the first to know this,” he said. “I love this pic because you look 14 and 31 at the same time – watching you win on Tuesday was one of the most amazing aspects of my entire life watching you win last night holding our two kids Lookin’ she was out of this world beautiful too. Dad won another trophy winner’s cup. We are so proud.

When were Jeremy and Addison married?

Both married in October 2019. It was a low-key wedding, with the ceremony taking place at a California courthouse. Addison shared a photo of herself and Jeremy wearing matching denim jackets that have the name “Buddy + Billy” written in between hearts-with-arrows. The backs of Addison and Jeremy’s jackets had “Till” and “Death” written on them, respectively.

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Where has Addison Timlin been?

Addison’s most prominent roles include the character of Sasha Bingham in the 2011 CaliforniaAbout Rachel Lewis 2013 zero hourand Martha Chandler on 2017 to start, She also appeared in films Wicked, if I am a moth, a feast of seven fish, and the 2014 remake The city that dreads the sunset. was produced by ryan murphywho cast Addison in the 2022 episode of his series, american horror stories,

Do Addison and Jeremy Have Kids?

Now the former couple has two daughters. before them, AcerWas born in 2018. his second, doloresWas born in 2020.

“I learn a lot from them,” he said of his family in an interview in August 2022 in style. “I feel in many ways that they are teaching me all the time how to be better: how to be better for them; How can I be better for my wife, my friends, my parents, my sister. I think he is ready to tame for a long time, and I am very happy to be in the house with him all the time.

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