Jey Uso demands ‘Tribal Combat’ against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam

After a week of waiting, fans of the WWE Universe finally got to see Roman Reigns and “Main Event” Jey Uso back in the ring to set the stage for the third match of their current career, a Tribal Rules match. summer Slam…but not before meeting the “tribal chief” little acceptance From fans in Orlando.

“Orlando, accept me!” Roman Reigns demanded. “So, Little J, you still want to do it, don’t you? You sure about it?”

“Yeah, I still want to do it,” said Jay Uso. “I should do it. You make me do this Since you called, Jimmy’s in the hospital, so now, Roman, I have to call you.”

“Ah, Little J, you will not find me, for you will not understand,” replied Rance. “You’re just a cop, man. A pawn in this game (grabs, signs the contract).”

After signing his name on the dotted line for the match, Reigns handed the contract to Jay, who promptly tore it up.

Uso said, “We don’t need no contract, because the contract is in the blood.” “It’s right here, it’s tribal warfare now.”

“Do the elders know about it?” Rance asked.

“It was his idea, Uce. Tribal fight,’ Uso said. “It means that anything can happen. I want to burn you with a stick, I can do that. Grab one of these chairs? I will. Hold that steel chair over there? Perhaps. are you through that declaration table? i want to. throw you across this table? If I have to Hey, I’ll grab that lady’s left sandal over there and slap your head too, Yus!”

“Ah Orlando, shut your mouth! Shut your mouth, little J! The tribal chiefs are talking now,” Rance replied. “You think this is my first rodeo? Do you think I haven’t run this business for over a decade? It doesn’t mean anything to me, it’s over, let’s go.”

After shaking hands, Solo Sequoia tried to intervene by throwing a table and attempting a Samoan spike on his older brother before Reigns stopped him, knowing that this was not the venue for the match. Still, that didn’t stop Uso from superkicking his brother and leaving the rest of The Bloodline.

What will the Tribal Rules look like? summer Slam, Fans will have to watch The First Saturday of August to find out.

Seth Rollins thinks Roman Reigns has found his perfect character in WWE.

stop by logan paul Impulsive podcast to discuss wrestling with him wrestlemania 39 Opponent, Seth Rollins decided to give his former The Shield-mate some support, admitting that that he had Looks like he’s found his perfect character in WWE,

“If it’s up to me, it’s me. Whoever does that gets ready to rocket to the moon. The man is certainly operating at a level that very few people in the history of our industry have. He really nailed his role as the tribal chieftain, this mob boss character. He was learning when he was with us in The Shield. When he was out on his own, he couldn’t figure out exactly what he wanted to be. It’s just lack of experience, he’s put his foot in the wrong shoe. The company saw him a certain way, and I don’t think it matched his personality and the way he saw himself.

One of the things that 2020 and 2021 gave us as an organization was the opportunity to try things that we normally wouldn’t because no one was watching TV at that time, we were still doing live shows, and we got to play with our characters and take some risks. One of the things that happened was Roman Reigns turning heel, which probably never would have happened if we hadn’t been stuck in the warehouse for 18 months. It turned out to be one of the best possible outcomes for him and the industry, if you look at Bloodline and Roman Reigns’ story, it’s really unmatched in our industry.

It’s very tough because of injuries and the crowd doesn’t always agree with what you’re doing, you have to make changes to what you want, but to be able to consistently tell a very logical and emotion-based story for years on episodic television, we’re talking every week, 52 weeks a year, for years. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else, on television or in the movies. It doesn’t even come close. What he has established is the same thing, who will be the person who will take the reins and really take the industry into the next phase. It’s their era, it’s their title, SmackDown is their show, whoever takes it from them will be huge. There’s no arguing (that he’s not excellent). There are many other things you could say about him, but you can’t deny how incredible he is at what he does.”

Are Rollins and Reigns going to have drinks after this? summer Slam To reminisce about the good old days? No, probably not, but hey, even after all these years, it’s good to know that the game respects the game, even if that’s the only thing it respects about the “visionary” “tribal chief.”

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