Jill Duggar: Is she talking to her parents all these days?!?

As previously reported, Jill Duggar is ready to burn it down.

The former reality star is featured in an upcoming Amazon documentary detailing all the ways her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, exploited and scammed her.

Meanwhile, two days before the release of the series, Jill and husband Derrick announced that they would be releasing a memoir in January 2024.

“Jill Duggar and her husband Derrick are finally ready to share their story and reveal the secrets, manipulation and intimidation behind the show that have been hidden from their fans,” reads the book’s synopsis by the publisher.

Additionally, the upcoming memoir will explore the “red flags” Jill began to notice about her conservative, independent Christian Baptist upbringing after marrying Derrick in 2014.

“As long as they could, Jill and Derrick tried to be obedient family members — they weren’t ready to rock the boat.

“But now they’re starting a family of their own and they’re dealing with secrets,” the tantric narrator continues.

Watch out, Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar has come out with a book that just might reveal just how evil you really are. (Amazon)

Given how much tea Jill is willing to spill right now, many observers wonder where she currently stands with her questionable parents.

Back in October 2020, Duggar admitted for the first time that she was no longer close to him. no way.

“Something went wrong there,” Jill said on YouTube at the time.

“We are not on the best of terms with some of our family members. We have had some disagreements and things, but we are working on eventual recovery and recovery.

“We just need to take some time off and heal and do what’s best for our family right now.”

Jill Duggar and her husband backtrack a bit in an Amazon documentary aimed at exposing the former’s parents. (Amazon)

Around the same time, Jill said the following to People magazine about Jim Bob and Michelle:

“I never expected this to happen or come to this.

“I realize I can’t put a timeline on healing. I love my family and they love me. I really just need to follow God’s lead and take it one day at a time.”

In a subsequent YouTube video shared by the husband and wife in March 2021, Jill addressed the “distance”, revealing that she had not been to her parents’ home in “at least two years”.

Jill Duggar looks sad in this photo as she prepares to destroy her parents. (Amazon)

Added the mother of three:

“In this season of life, we must give priority to our mental [and] Emotional health and all.

“Our threshold – as we like to call it – is just a little bit lower for us in this season of life.

“We have a lot going on in our own lives, plus COVID is making it very hard right now by trying to keep our circle small and stuff like that.”


It seems clear that Jill has little time for her parents right now.

However, she recently spent time with her cousin, although this could be interpreted as an influence on Jim Bob.

We also doubt that things will get better in the future.

Not after reading what Jill wrote on Instagram about your upcoming memoir.

derrick dillard and jill duggar out
Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar have parted ways with Jim Bob. (Instagram)

On May 31, Jill wrote that her book “will address the challenges we’ve all faced, including disrespect for boundaries, greed, manipulation and betrayal” and how these “are no different to many in our audience. ” faced.

“However, more than 15 years of reality television, backed by secrecy and lies, is adding fuel to the fire of our struggle.”

He then concluded:

“Thanks to time, tears, truth and healing, God has begun to heal our wounds with scars.

“Although we would never have chosen this path, and it has cost us dearly, we want to use our voices to show others that beyond pain there is hope.”

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