Josh Naylor found teammates’ genuine appreciation during breakout season

The Cleveland Guardians may not be playing at the same level they did last year, but that’s no fault of Josh Naylor. Naylor has taken his game to the next level and has emerged as one of the best hitters in the Guardian order. Naylor, through 85 games is matched 15 home runs and 75 runs batted in, with career highs in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage to boot. (.310/.350/.522)

Still, it seems that Naylor is much more than a player who scores runs for a team that struggles to score. (To put things in perspective, the Guardians have scored only 4.17 runs per game, good for 24th in the entire MLB.) The 26-year-old slugger has emerged as one of the team’s most influential voices in the locker room, taking over as one of the team’s most respected members.

Speaking to Bailey Sports Cleveland, some Guardians players have appropriately praised Josh Naylor. First and foremost, Bo Naylor, Josh’s brother, found out how dear it is immediately The 26-year-old could be a first baseman.

“When you are in the clubhouse with him, it doesn’t take you long to understand that he is someone special. You know, someone who will be there for you immediately. If you need him off the field for an emergency, as much as someone sees he cares, it’s the same off the field tenfold. And it’s in a very loving and pure way,” Naylor said of his brother.

Guardians outfielder Steven Kwan then said that Josh Naylor didn’t hesitate to take him under him and give him pointers on how to improve his game.

“He is one of the most caring and nurturing people around,” Kwan said. “Last year in spring training, he was showing me around, he was telling me all these things, like, ‘Hey, that’s a good idea to do.’ Very fatherly in that sense.”

And to drive that point even further, another Guardians outfielder in Miles Straw revealed just how much Josh Naylor puts the needs of others above his own.

“I think he cares more about his teammates than himself. He’s great, he has heart. He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had. He just cares,” Straw said.

In addition to Josh Naylor’s success on the field, his magnetic, loving personality will impact the lives of those close to him to an even greater extent – which may be an even bigger win for parents than any achievement on the diamond.

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