Kim Kardashian wouldn’t “take back” bad times with Kanye: I just remember him before he liked Hitler!

Another Thursday has come and gone. And with that, another episode kardashian season 3.

While her sisters discussed body image issues and their sources, Kim Kardashian was busy

It has lots of storage space. Too much, perhaps – so he “cleansed” his accumulated memories.

But despite many sour and painful times with infamous ex-husband Kanye West, Kim “never looks back” on the days they shared.

During the Thursday, July 20 episode kardashian On Hulu, Kim Kardashian was on a purge.

Where there once used to be a large number of storage facilities, they are now little more than a few. But Kim had realized that she didn’t need everything.

So she decided to clear things out of the warehouse while reflecting on the good and bad times she had with Kanye “Ye” West.

In Season 3 Episode 9 of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian organizes her extensive storage. (hulu)

“I’m really satisfied with it,” Kim told the producers and camera.

“A lot of great things have come out of my marriage and my divorce,” he affirmed.

I kept every Yeezy,” Kim said. This is definitely an option. “For me, I think I’ve stayed with the Kanye I know.”

While sorting through meaningful items, Kim Kardashian revealed some mementos from her ex-husband’s music career. (hulu)

It’s clear that Kanye’s descent into the far right, full of Hitler praise and anti-Semitic insinuations, was painful.

And before that, his bizarre and hurtful outbursts reignited years of fear. It was all Kim could do to stop her kids from learning everything.

Nevertheless, Kim said that she “would never take back any of the hard things that happened or any of the hard times.”

Kim Kardashian describes herself as a “memory collector,” which sounds like a monster you have to fight in a video game. these shoes? He bought them because a very fashionable Spice Girl used to wear them. Maybe he’s sorry. (hulu)

“I love my life,” Kim affirmed definitively.

“But now is the time to do something different,” he added. “And I just need a minute.”

Kim explained her emotional state when looking at mementos of her failed marriage: “It’s like memories, it’s sad.”

Is it possible for one person to have too many belongings? Yes, as evidenced by Kim Kardashian’s vast amount of personal storage. That’s why his houses are so empty – everything is right here. (hulu)

According to Kim, the giant clothing department store mall represents a “time capsule of the best times” of her previous marriage to Ye.

He told the camera, “The reality is that life is really different, and if you know you can never get there again.”

Kim explained, “That sucks, and that’s hard.”

In this screenshot from The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 9, Kim Kardashian looks at an array of clothing. You can already guess from the softness of the color palette that they’re from the Yeezy brand. (hulu)

“But my kids will have the best memories,” Kim vowed at the time.

“And,” she insisted, “it would be the best tribute to him.”

Kim further added that she would never want to take the “best father in the world” away from her children. So in other words, she wants to lie to him forever?

Kim Kardashian may be thrilled during this July 2023 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but her shoulders are screaming “we’ve got too much sun!” (hulu)

After sharing that Ye had asked her to “burn her stuff”, she said she would save a lot – for her children.

For example, she envisions the bags being gifted at her kids’ Sweet 16 parties. It’s hard to imagine anyone would want Yeezy clothes, let alone gift bags, but we hope North’s friends are polite.

Kim said of her “cleansing” phase, “I guess I’m trying to feel like I don’t need to.”

Does Kim Kardashian have a “process” for figuring out which items should stay in storage and which are part of the purge? Yes. (hulu)

He added: “Like, so this is not who I am today.”

nothing else this time out kardashian It was a great reminder that what we think of as “hoarding” versus “storing” often boils down to money.

Kim can make her home look like a colorless, lifeless void and store an entire department store in a warehouse. If a middle class person had even a tenth of this stuff, a production crew would embarrass and humiliate them.

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