Kirby Smart calls lack of SEC revamp ‘most overrated conversation’

Running in Southeastern Conference circles for most of my adult life, the debate over the future football schedule has been ongoing for many years. The inclusion of Texas and Oklahoma in the conference only added fuel to those fires. It’s a good problem for the SEC to have, but it’s an unsolved problem nonetheless. The Sooners and Longhorns’ Intentions to Jump Out of the Big 12 Move Together Secret, For a rumor, to Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork strong denial that the conference leadership Such a deal would allow the fact to be accepted within hours. And lost in the schedule debate was the future of OU and Texas becoming clear at SEC Media Days 2021, the third of four straight days where conference coaches fielded more ridiculous questions about their teams than any other time of the year. Let’s answer.

There has been about two years of speculation as hell and no clear answer as to what model the SEC will adopt next season, as Texas and Oklahoma will not even have separate divisions to try and keep them. The topic escalated intensely this week at the conference’s spring meetings in Florida, where Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said it was “the hottest conversation in the world.” it’s really weird As it will be the biggest part of the two-time defending-national-championship head coach’s schedule. If there’s any coach in the SEC who wants to at least change how the league organizes conference schedules, it’s smart.

Georgia plays easier in the SEC East, a pair of the league’s divisions. And keeping the current system, with the crossover game being Auburn, almost guarantees the Bulldogs six games of a new year with current standards. UGA plays the sextet of Vanderbilt, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee every year, with a now-Hugh Freeze-coached Auburn team and a random SEC West opponent. Why on earth would Georgia want to change when the only team that currently presents a legitimate challenge is Tennessee? We’ve all forgotten that only six teams have appeared in the SEC Championship game since Mizzou and A&M joined the conference in 2012. Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Missouri and Auburn. Does Oklahoma and Texas coming together change that? No.

Consideration has been given to four four-team pods, with each team playing three schools each season, and rotating between the rest. There have been proponents of re-shuffle pairings of eight-team blocks with no guaranteed crossover games, meaning each school would play each other at least once in every 4-year span. And others have pitched the Wild West, as the SEC can, I guess. Because any structure will not become an issue. I think the latter is the best option so there is less of a David and Goliath case for change putting them in a difficult position. roles. Like connecting Missouri with Texas A&M, Texas and Oklahoma. The Tigers would never again watch the SEC Championship Game.

What’s my best prediction as to what the SEC does to balance out the divisions as best as possible? Major regional rivalries need to stay, so just add them all together. Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and LSU joined a group of eight to form the new SEC West. The new SEC East of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Auburn appears more loaded now, but that will change after a few years of play for this slate. Smart saying this highest rated conversation is stupid Since then king of college football has not clarified how this will work after this season. And the strange thing is, regardless of the size of the convention, does anyone think Georgia and Alabama will end their reign of terror?

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