Lance Armstrong leads the Tour de Mars in exclusive clip

The 2023 Tour de France is still on, but Stars on Mars has its own counterpart – the Tour de Mars new clip, The remaining three athletes – Ronda Rousey, Marshawn Lynch and Lance Armstrong – are tasked with winning the bicycle race.

ClutchPoints is proud to present a new exclusive clip from the upcoming July 24 episode of Stars on Mars. It begins with Rousey, Lynch and Armstrong, who formed a clique in the previous clip, working together once again. We see that the latest challenge, the Tour de Mars, is specially designed for this group given Armstrong’s presence.

It’s no surprise that Armstrong won the bicycle race.

“Of course, we’re relying on Lance Armstrong to do most of the work there, but I was really surprised that he was even [gonna] Let me and Marshawn help you. I thought he was going to say, ‘Bike! It’s my time!” Rousey explained.

Well, to be honest, Lynch was eager to get on the bike herself and she must have found a way.

“Let me go, brother,” Lynch tells Armstrong.

“We rotated — me two miles, Marshawn one mile, Rhonda one mile,” Armstrong explained.

When it was Lynch’s turn, he cranked up the tunes and was enjoying his ride, before Armstrong tapped him on the arm to remind him to “keep going”. She jokingly slaps him before Rousey intervenes and prompts Lynch to finish her innings strongly.

All this time, Andy Richter and Adam Rippon have been locked up and the Tour de Mars aims to free them.

“Guys, Adam and I are about to die—no horse riding,” jokes Richter.

In another area, singer-songwriter Tinashe is competing in her own tailor-made challenge alongside Porsha Williams Guobadia and Ariel Winter. They’re doing some sort of sequence on keyboards while Rippon jokes that they’re “writing Tinashe’s next album.”

Stars on Mars is a new reality competition series hosted by Star Trek veteran William Shatner. This includes a number of celebrities including McLovin actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, NFL legend Richard Sherman, Ronda Rousey, Marshawn Lynch and Lance Armstrong.

Here is the official synopsis of the upcoming Stars on Mars episodes: A techno-virus has taken over the artificial intelligence system in the Hub, and the two Celebronauts are trapped outside in the harsh Martian climate. If the remaining 11 Celebronauts don’t act fast, the Hub’s AI could wreck the entire mission. The crew mates will need to work together to reset the AI ​​software before it’s too late – testing their intelligence and earning them another mission patch!

The next episode of Stars on Mars airs July 24 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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