Love Again movie review: Priyanka Chopra Jonas is no rom-com virgin

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan in love again

Priyanka Chopra Jonas headlines a New York-based romantic-comedy, not only a huge leap forward for the actress who’s always had it, but also a welcome step in the right direction by the genre, which compares lead characters I always have white holy. ,

It’s little surprise that Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ biggest Bollywood hit isn’t a romantic comedy. In fact, only two rom-coms, friendly (2008) and Anjana Anjani (2010), All of her endeavors were successful at the box office. Perhaps because she was made for something much bigger, wider and more global. after a brief appearance in isn’t it romantic (2019), Priyanka is finally headlining a Hollywood rom-com.

love again Follows the classic western romance trope of mistaken identity. Mira Ray (Priyanka) sends messages to her dead lover’s phone as a tool to deal with her grief, only for them to land in the new work phone of Rob Burns (Sam Heughan), who is reeling from a bitter breakup. is also recovering. He follows her and attempts to woo her, until… well, this being a rom-com and not a serial killer movie, you know where that goes and how it ends.

but what makes love again One fuzzy and scary case is that director James C. Strauss ticks all the right rom-com boxes, while also slipping in touches of his own into the cracks of the narrative. The most obvious and defining of them is the casting of an Indian in the lead role. Sure, we’ve seen a bunch of desi rom-coms, but only Dev Patel has come closest to starring in a good ol’ New York rom-com (in an episode of the collection, modern love, But Priyanka becomes arguably the first major Bollywood superstar to lead a big-screen New York rom-com opposite a British heartthrob and with original music by Celine Dion.

It’s no surprise, Priyanka has done her part. Romantic gestures like blushing, looking into someone’s eyes and stealing glances come naturally to the superstar, who has played over a dozen romantic roles in Hindi films. hell, she looked most comfortable dancing to the closing credits song isn’t it romantic for a reason. He has worked in Bollywood rom-coms for so long that romancing on screen is like a second skin.

but it’s in parts of love again, Where she is the only one populating the frame, and the camera stays on her for those few extra seconds, she emerges as a performer.

As much as the narrative tries to pace the serious action, Priyanka allows sadness to take center stage, even if only for a few glimpses. She doesn’t let her emotional intelligence be half-hearted.

Sam Heughan, on the other hand, is no rom-com veteran like him. But she has an innate charm that shines through even if she doesn’t try hard to channel it. There’s an old-school intensity in his eyes that comes in handy for some intense moments in the film, but it’s his endearing man-child affability that makes him an engaging rom-com star. Nick Jonas comes in for a super-funny cameo as a fitness freak who can’t go beyond push-ups and says, “Let’s go to my place, I need to burn calories” and ” I’ll absolutely bench” -press you”. His brief turn helps Sam Heughan stand out as a vulnerable love interest in stark contrast to an emotionally vacant love interest.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are in love again

Mira and Rob have a lot more in common than just their weaknesses and past broken relationships. They bond over romantic tropes like watching opera, playing basketball, and hanging out in the park, but instead of wearing sneakers under formal clothes, putting fries inside burgers, changing cooking dates to just milk and cereal, and smashing bottles. Drinking champagne from the box. Combine this unconventional blossoming romance with some really sharp dialogues, like the ones listed below, and you have a rom-com that hits all the sweet and sour spots.

“I always thought of growing old together. But he’ll always be the same. It’s just me who’s changing.” (Mira, remembering her dead lover)

“What are we celebrating?”
(Mira, opening a can of champagne)

“I want you to tell me everything, including the messy and problematic things. Especially the things that are messy and problematic. Because that’s life. And we have to live life together.

“I will always love Joe. I will always miss Joe. This grief may change shape over time, but it will always be a part of me.”

“You can’t enjoy music because you don’t believe in love.”

Sam Heughan and Celine Dion in Love Again

Talking about the music, Celine Dion’s soundtrack is like another character in the film. He has composed five new songs, including life-affirming of my life‘, and six of her earlier songs are used at the appropriate time. Rob, a music critic, is assigned to write a profile on Celine Dion (who has Celineescence because Drake wants to get his face tattooed on her). When Celine, who made her acting debut love againscolds Rob for not feeling her love’Lonely‘ he plays while listening to her on his cherry red headphones. Hisit’s all coming back to me‘ plays as the couple harmonizes in the climax. There is also a hinta new day Has Come‘When they rediscover love. Thank god though, there isn’tmy heart Will Go On, Because as Celine snaps like she often does in film, “she Titanic The romance died an iceberg death.

it is true that love again Won’t make you feel like the big romantic movies of that time did. But if you are an Indian, it will definitely make you feel both seen and inspired. Finally, there is an ever-familiar Indian face dominating the Western rom-com, which has always considered her a non-performing asset.

love again Running in Indian cinemas.


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