Margot Robbie Channels the ’80s With a Fully Shrunken Barbie Look: Photos

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Image credit: Carlos Tishler/iPixGroup/Shutterstock

Margaret Robbie This was the moment she shone during the promo tour for the new barbie Movie on Friday. The 33-year-old Australian beauty played the famous Mattel doll in the comedy and recently graced red carpets in full-on Barbie Corps outfits, and she didn’t disappoint for the latest one, which took place in Mexico City. Margot looked totally amazing as she presented the classic “Totally Hair” Barbie look, complete with ’90s choppy hair and a graphic mini dress.

Margot Robbie in Mexico City in July 2023. (Carlos Tishler/iPix Group/Shutterstock)

This stunning and nostalgic look comes a day after Margot wore a neon pink dress with a leather corset on top. To complete her look, she opted for some dazzling accessories, just like the metal doll. A gleaming silver chain belt clung to her waist, adding a touch of glamour, while her ears sparkled with silver stars and heart earrings dangled beautifully. And let’s not forget her shoes: a pair of glittery pink Manolo Blahnik BB pumps.

Margot has said before that she didn’t believe it at first barbie The film would never be made because of its “unexpectedly dark” plot, which was reinforced by the director. greta gerwig, Margot said Fandango“Greta pushes too hard [the movie] in directions I hadn’t thought of [Mattel] Let us go inside. I think a big part of it was the acceptance of the things that people found problematic about Barbie, along with the things that people loved about Barbie.

He further added, “It is a film. This is a film that has a lot to offer. We are in on the joke. This [movie] Barbie is not Puff.

Meanwhile, the actress has spent years perfecting her American accent and looks like her hard work is paying off once again. barbie, However, spending so much time speaking in an American accent may mean you forget some Australian slang words. Margot had exactly the same experience when she forgot the meaning of the word ‘Barbie’ in Australia during a recent interview. see below.

barbie Opens July 21 at Warner Bros. cinemas across the country.

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